Microsft outlook for mac version 15.38 autopoplate addresses not working. Oct 29, 2018  Hi, I have outlook for Mac 2016. Everything is working fine and I'm getting all the email and everything, but about 5-6 times a day I get a pop up for Autodiscover asking if I should connect with it. It gives the 'always use my response for this' check box and I have tried both accept and deny while using the check box but the pop up keeps on coming out.

So you have just begun the Office 365 pilot and notice that despite you only migrated a couple of on-prem Exchange mailboxes to Office 365, that users are complaining about a warning they receive in Outlook looking similar to: Allow this website to configure server settings? Your account was redirected to this website for settings. You should only allow settings from sources you know and trust.

So this usually happens when an on-prem user have been delegated access to a mailbox that have been moved to Office 365. This is because Outlook will do a new autodiscover request to determine the location of the mailboxafter it has been moved.

Autodiscover on mac

Out of office on outlook for mac. This is based on the targetAddress set for the user mailbox or mail user object.