Quicken was traditionally known as one of the best personal finance software options for desktop users. However, the Mac version had traditionally lacked the features found in the PC version, and that was disappointing to many users. While last year's version was a big improvement, it still wasn't there for everyone. After using Quicken for Mac 2019 for several weeks, we're happy to see that Quicken has continued the improvements over prior years. It's not as robust as we'd like to see yet, but it's definitely been moving in the right direction.

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So, how did Quicken for Mac 2019 do? Honestly, it's an incremental improvement over 2018. But we like the direction it's going, and if you can get a great deal on pricing (which you typically can on or when they have a sale), it could be worth it. How to setup my passport ultra for mac Key Features Of Quicken For Mac 2019 Quicken For Mac continues to build on the many traditional features that Quicken users expect.


As always, it comes with great spending tracking (compared to other online options like and ), it has investment tracking, and budgeting. For 2019, they have improved the usability of the platform, but the navigation is still a little challenging. Even after using Quicken for about a week, I still find it hard to get to different reports. It's not intuitive.

They also improved the web interface for Quicken. If you don't want to use the desktop software, and prefer a web version (like what you get with Mint), you can have that now. But I prefer the app over the web version. Here's what the home screen looks like. The pricing for Quicken For Mac 2019 continues to be a focus point for most users.

Quicken changed their pricing model last year to a subscription-based model, instead of a one-time fee. I see this as both good and bad.

It's bad, because many Quicken users kept their software for years, and never upgraded. For users, this was fine - because you could avoid bad rollouts like Quicken for Mac 2017. However, to continue to receive updates and banking information, you had to update every few years anyway or Quicken would cut you off. It's good, because my hope is with more recurring revenue, Quicken can continue to improve their software and ensure banking connectivity. Quicken For Mac 2019 has three price points this year. I think 90% of users would benefit simply using the Deluxe version, which is $49.99/yr at full price. Here's what the pricing looks like.