Adobe also said that it was planning to add support for a bunch of new Lion features like Auto Save, Versions, Restore, and Full Screen Apps (as well as others) in its software products. Photoshop crashes upon using some fonts, including the Mac OS X bundled Menlo. Adobe Drive does not work at all. No way around it. The Adobe Downloader will crash Firefox when you try to.

That Adobe has posted a for its products running on OS X Lion. The list is unfortunately extensive, but the company's discussion of Flash Player issues stands out for the revelation that OS X Lion may have disabled. Flash Player may cause higher CPU activity when playing a YouTube video. Possibly related to disabled hardware acceleration.Other issues with Flash Player include a loss of response to mouse clicks in the setting dialog and problems with animation of custom native mouse cursors.

Adobe Osx Lion

In addition to the Flash Player issues, Adobe's support document lists a number of other issues with its products under OS X Lion, as well as a few general notes for users to be aware of: - With OS X Lion now hiding the user Library folder by default, users may need to use Finder's 'Go to Folder' command to access preferences and other user settings for Adobe applications. Alternatively, users can use the command line to make the Library folder permanently visible. - OS X Lion's new reverse scrolling may throw off some users, not just in Adobe's applications but across the entire experience. Reverse scrolling can be disabled in System Preferences. - A lack of Rosetta support in OS X Lion means that some older Adobe software such as CS2 or earlier will not run on the new operating system. - Adobe is considering how it may adopt some of OS X Lion's new features such as Autosave, Restore, Versioning, Full Screen Mode, and new multi-touch gestures, but they haven't been implemented yet. Adobe specifically notes that the Restore feature which reopens all windows and files to their previous state when an application is relaunched does not function on Adobe applications.

Update: Adobe their post to say that hardware accelerated Flash is supported in Lion. The final release of Mac OS X Lion (10.7) provides the same support for Flash hardware video acceleration as Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6). The previous “Known Issue” described in a tech note suggesting that video hardware acceleration was disabled in Lion was incorrect and based on tests with a pre-release version of Mac OS X Lion that related to only one particular Mac GPU configuration.

We continue to work closely with Apple to provide Flash Player users with a high quality experience on Mac computers. Is the nik software for mac download.

As you may be aware, Apple announced the availability of OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). We’re happy to report that the team began testing and with OS X 10.8 as soon as it became available to developers. We have worked closely with Apple to review Adobe Creative Suite 5, 5.5 and CS6 editions and individual products for impact on reliability, performance and user experience. Earlier versions of Adobe Photoshop® (CS3 and CS4), Lightroom 4.1, 4.0 and earlier software were also tested and there are currently no known issues. If you have questions about compatibility, we’ve created an as a guide. We’ll be on the lookout for further input from you via our. Enjoy the benefits of this new OS!

Hi Pete To add to my original post, I do save to a network and have tried saving locally to the desktop with more success. Also, a new phenomenon is that the Photoshop desktop controls “ghost” when saving and, again, cause a crash, and the only way out is to re-boot the Mac – the Force Quit function will not work on the Photoshop crash. I am having similar problems with Acrobat/Pitstop, but in this case the program crashes when exporting (to EPS) and like Photoshop the file saves OK – but this only crashes the program and not the system. Hope this helps. Regards Mervyn. I am running 10.8.2 with Photoshop CS5 and bamboo tablet. The cursor disappears continually when I use brushes and other palettes.

I’ve found that if I can hit any other application icon in the dock then hit the Ps icon again my curson reappears and I can select brushes, layers, tools again – for a FEW seconds till it again disappears. This is awful. My work flow is way hampered.

It’s a big deal and I have seen this problem discussed on other blogs and forums. Back tracking to Snow Leopard is NOT much of a fix. PLEASE give me some ideas or encouragement – is a fix coming soon??? PhotoShop 5.5 crashes anytime I try and open a psd file locally. I noticed this first with psd files over the network so I tried doing the files locally instead. No such luck.

(Java is installed and current) STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Open Photoshop Browse to psd file Open File opens and PS immediately crashes.