Advertisement can be frustrating at times. The problem is finding games that are available on the platform. Even today, after Steam’s adoption of the Mac, finding games to play can be difficult.

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That doesn’t mean there aren’t some excellent games. You just have to do a little extra work to find them. Let’s have a look at ten strategy game titles that are sure to please any fan of the genre. Criteria Mac games are relatively rare, and their scarcity increases as they age. The production runs are smaller, which results in fewer used copies, which results in higher prices.

I’m capping the price for games at $60. This leaves out games like Rise of Nations. It’s an excellent title, but the few new copies I could find are priced at over $100. All of the games found here are affordable, which means they are relatively recent releases and many of them are sold on. AI War: Fleet Command. This unique title is story-driven, making it different from most strategy games. It places you in charge of saving a virtual world called Darwinia.

A virus has assaulted it and its virtual citizens – and only you can stop it. What is the best pdf to excel converter for mac. Darwinia’s lo-fi graphics style is beautiful but also makes the game easy to run on almost any Mac made in the last five years.

The game is relatively simple to understand, so it’s a good choice for those unfamiliar with the genre. There is a demo available. Frozen Synapse.

One of the newest games here, Frozen Synapse is a turn-based title focusing on squad combat. It’s one of the few games of its kind to be released in the last decade and it’s probably the best of the bunch. There are only a few units, so understanding the basics isn’t difficult.

However, the complex interactions between units, terrain and fog-of-war result in a deceptively challenging game. Units die quickly to gunfire, so a single round rarely lasts more than thirty minutes. There is a demo available. Gratuitous Space Battles As the name implies, this strategy game is all about space battles. Fleets of 2D vessels are pitted against each other and attempt to achieve victory with beam weapons, torpedoes, missiles and rail guns. If you’ve ever found yourself re-watching the space battles in Battlestar Galactica or Babylon 5 you’ll love what this game offers. This game sets itself apart from others by taking away direct control of battles.

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Players are responsible for designing ships and determining deployment. This sounds unusual, but the design lets you focus on building ships and enjoying battles instead of worrying about split-second changes in starship tactics. The, which includes a number of DLC expansions, is $39.99. Hearts of Iron III Hearts of Iron has been considered the definitive World War II strategy game since the release of the original in 2002.

The game has never been accessible to strategy newcomers, but that’s sort of the point. The latest edition refines the interface and updates the graphics, but it remains a hardcore title targeted at history buffs and World War II fanatics. The huge number of possible strategies and large number of playable countries makes this a title that you can play for hundreds of hours without exploring every possibility. Rome: Total War The Total War series is one of the best strategy franchises on the market, but the latest games have not come to the Mac.