Thirty-six MAC Lipsticks on Darker Skin/ Black Women Keep Reading for More Information. Look @ 15 more MAC Lipsticks for Darker skin Women May 27, 2014 - MAC Lipstick Collection Part 1: Lipstick Swatches on Dark Skin! While the Viva Glam is a matte finish, Verve is a satin finish.

Finding the right shades of lipstick for desi skin tones can get frustrating. With all that is available, makeup shopping can get very overwhelming. When I used to work for MAC I got the opportunity to test, try and understand which lipstick shades are the best. Read ahead to find out some of my personal favorite MAC lipstick shades for desi skin tones.

Also please find some swatches below to give you a better idea about the color (I’m a NC25 for those who follow the MAC number system). Please keep in mind that I’ve chosen a mix of colors that would suit different tones of skin – light, medium, olive and dark. So the best bet is to check out the colors mentioned below at the store and try them out on yourself.

Reds Russian Red (Texture: Matte) – Is a great all purpose blue based red that looks good on all skin tones (makes the teeth look whiter as well). Ruby Woo (Texture: Matte) – A bright red that will get you attention. Recently popularized by Rihanna, this lip color is stunning from all directions. Chili (Texture: Matte) – A natural more warmer based red that’s not so in your face. Looks beautiful on desi skin tones. A perfect ‘retro’ red.

Diva (Texture: Matte) –If your fair skinned and daring this color can be a beautiful vampy lip shade. If not it looks like a natural deep red on medium to dark skin tones.

Pinks Mehr (Texture: Matte) – Designed my MAC Senior Artist India: Mickey Contractor. This pink lipstick mimics the color of healthy gums – making it the perfect pink. Please Me (Texture: Matte) – A pretty pretty pink that shows but isn’t too bright.

Surfing games for mac free. Faux (Texture: Creamy) – A creamier pink that looks good on everyone. I particularly like it on medium skin tones. Snob (Texture: Semi Matte) – A girly girl pink shade that looks good on fair to medium complexions. Oranges Ravishing (Texture: Glossy) – Everyone’s always looking for a pretty peach. A perfect glossy peach shade that’s not too orange. Especially love it paired with bronzer or a natural tan 🙂 Lady Danger (Texture: Matte) – An orangish red lip shade that I loveeee most on brown desi skin. Every time I see someone wearing it, I have to compliment themit’s very sexy.

Suitable lipstick for dark skin

If you have lighter skin you can still wear it as a statement lip but it all depends on your comfort level. Nudes Velvet Teddy (Texture: Matte) – A very popular nude lipstick for desi’s.

Cherish (Texture: Creamy) – A creamier nude that compliments desi skin tone beautifully. Kinda Sexy (Texture: Matte) This is an all time favorite for many desi’s. It has a slightly orange base that just gives that sexy soft nude lip look to most desi skin tones. Best laser printer for mac high sierra. (Editor’s Favorite) Hug Me (Texture: Glossy) – A glossier nude lip for those who don’t want too much color.

Looks amazing on a variety of desi skin tones. Plums Rebel (Texture: Creamy) – A daring plum that is a unique shade of purple.

Looks absolutely stunning as an alternative to a typical statement red lip. You can play with the color to adjust it to your specific skin tone by mixing it with different tones of lip liners. Craving (Texture: Creamy) – A very popular lipstick amongst Desi’s – this beautiful berry lip color is perfect for when you want to have color on your lips but not pink.

Hot Pink Girl About Town (Texture: Creamy) – A classic hot pink lipstick that looks good on all skin tones. All Fired Up (Texture: Matte) – A newer lip color added to MAC’s permanent collection in 2013. Love love love this shade.

(Editor’s Favorite) Which colors at MAC do you love for desi skin tones? Comment below!

It is no secret that MAC is the holy grail of cosmetics and is almost single-handedly responsible for fueling our lipstick addiction. With its signature vanilla scent, bullet inspired case and excellent quality, MAC has been the favorite of celebrities and girls on the street alike.

Then it comes as no surprise that some of the shades of MAC have achieved a cult status and are iconic when it comes to makeup. Also, MAC adds innovative and trendy shades in their collection, on a regular basis. Irrespective of your skin tone and preferences, you can always find a shade that seems like it was made keeping just you in mind.