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The other common cause of an app not working is a corrupt file used by the app in question. In many cases, the most likely candidate for a corrupt file is the app's preference file, also known as a plist. Plist files can become corrupt when your Mac shuts down. If you cannot open the file in Word for Mac, use one of the following methods as appropriate. Method 1: Insert the file into a blank document. Even if you cannot open a file to copy all the text (except the final paragraph mark), you may be able to insert the file into a new document.

Attention, Internet Explorer User Announcement: Jive has discontinued support for Internet Explorer 7 and below. In order to provide the best platform for continued innovation, Jive no longer supports Internet Explorer 7.


Jive will not function with this version of Internet Explorer. Please consider upgrading to a more recent version of Internet Explorer, or trying another browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.

(Please remember to honor your company's IT policies before installing new software!) • • • •.

Shortly after the security fix was released and users began installing it, file sharing complaints began surfacing. Affected users saw file sharing fail to authenticate across multiple Macs. From MacRumors reader: Immediately after installing this patch, file sharing fails to authenticate. I see this on multiple Macs. Hoping for some collaboration. [.] With the Finder open a file share to any Mac with the security update installed.

Status shows 'not connected', when you try to 'connect as' your username and password fail.According to, macOS High Sierra users who cannot access file sharing after installing the security update will need to complete the following steps: 1. Open the Terminal app, which is in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder. Type sudo /usr/libexec/configureLocalKDC and press Return. Enter your administrator password and press Return. Quit the Terminal app. MacRumors readers who were having file sharing problems have tested Apple's fix and have confirmed that it does indeed work to solve the problem. Apple issued this morning's security update to that enabled the root superuser on a Mac with a blank password and no security check.

The problem has been successfully fixed on machines running macOS High Sierra 10.13.1, the current release version of macOS High Sierra, but Apple has not yet addressed the vulnerability in macOS High Sierra 10.13.2, available to both developers and public beta testers. Update: Apple appears to have released a revised version of the security update, which is valid for systems running both macOS 10.13.0 and 10.13.1. The revised version may also address the issue in the original version that resulted in file sharing problems. Ah the good old days, when enabling a guest account on Snow Leopard would erase your user data. No doubt, this latest OS update has been an absolute trainwreck.

Apple really dropped the ball. But to say such a rose-tinted statement as yours, especially with your recent join date on MR, just smacks as a little.

Well, like you read a Jobs biography last week and thought everything was gravy whilst he was CEO. That wasn’t the case. I’ve been using Apple computers for 20 years.

What does my join date have to do with anything? If you feel the need to apologize for the abundance of misssteps that Apple have made in recent years maybe it is you who has the gravy pot. Things were not perfect under Jobs, but it is much worse now. Without the iPhone the current Apple is nothing.

I do prefer MacOS and iOS, but how much is because of quality and how much is because I’ve been using it for so long is now debatable.