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• GIMP • Pixlr • Paint.NET • Sumo Paint • Adobe Photoshop Express • Photo Pos Pros • Affinity Photo (paid) • Sketch (paid) • Pixelmator (paid) Why consider a free Photoshop alternative? Photoshop is excellent, but it also costs money – and in these post-Brexit times of austerity, we don’t really have either the means or the desire to be doing the whole “exchanging money for services” thing. So when you can save a bit of cash, you probably should, and one area where this is certainly possible is image-editing software. I use tools like Photoshop every day, and based on my experience and and a bit of general know-how, these are the best free alternatives to Photoshop, so you can download a fully featured graphics editor without spending a penny. • And for those of you who do have the cash to burn and might want a little bit more functionality, we’ve added a few paid-for options to consider – note that we haven’t reviewed them in full, so while we think they’re worth a look, we can’t whole-heartedly recommend them. Related: 1) GIMP Available on: Linux, Windows, Mac It’s open-source, it’s comprehensive and, best of all, it’s entirely free. GIMP is the go-to tool for those who shun Photoshop’s monthly Creative Cloud membership, and there are numerous reasons for its popularity.

The software comes with a full toolset that rivals much of what Photoshop has to offer, and while the interface is a little different to that of Adobe’s software, there’s a modded version of the program that comes with a Photoshop-like interface to make it easier for those transitioning. You might be tempted to skip over this one if you’re a Windows user looking for a free Photoshop replacement – after all, back at school, MS Paint was better known for being a distraction in IT lessons than a serious image-editing program. But don’t be so quick to dismiss Paint.NET. Although the main focus here is making the software easy to use, there’s a surprisingly comprehensive list of tools and features that make this open-source offering a decent alternative to Photoshop. Most notably, you’ll find layer support here, as well as the ability to add adjustments, which should make any Photoshop apostate feel at home. • 4) Sumo Paint Available on: Web or iPad app Another browser-based option (although there’s also an iPad app), Sumo Paint isn’t as powerful a tool as Photoshop, but it does offer some great features. All the usual editing tools are present and correct, including support for layers and a layout that will be familiar to those accustomed with the Photoshop UI.

While Sumo Paint doesn’t pack all the features you’d get with Adobe’s alternative, it’s pretty impressive for a free, browser-based editing package. • 5) Adobe Photoshop Express Available on: Web; also available as Windows, iOS, and Android app It might not be a complete replacement for Photoshop, but the most basic iteration of Photo Express is a useful alternative when out and about. Express can be used via the web, or you can download the app for your handset, which will allow you to edit photos on the go. You’ll be able to make adjustments to all the usual parameters such as brightness and contrast, and there are plenty of one-click adjustments for adding some filters to your shots. Don’t expect to find layer support or any other more complicated features here, though. • Related: 6) Photo Pos Pro Available on: Windows Photo Pos Pro’s main draw is that it has two modes: one for beginners and one for more experienced users. The former is more akin to Photoshop Express, offering easy-to-add filters and adjustments.

The advanced mode adds enough tools to bring the program into full Photoshop territory. You’ll get all the filters, layers, masks, curves, scripts, effects and brushes you need – and it’s designed with ease of use in mind. Considering it’s free, then, Photo Pos Pro is an impressive offering.

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Note that a paid-for version is available too, which removes the limit on picture size (currently 1,024 x 2,014 pixels). Unfortunately, there’s no Mac version at present. • Paid Photoshop alternatives While there’s no shortage of free Photoshop substitutes out there, there are a number of paid-for programs available too. Here are a few of the most popular ones.