VPN Unlimited was founded in 2013 and is located in the US (New York). Not the best jurisdiction for a VPN provider.

However, they boldly state the following on their homepage: Secure, fast and easy to access to any site online But are they really fast? And can they really bypass Netflix geo-restrictions and keep you secure on a public Wi-Fi? In this in-depth VPN Unlimited review, I’ll do some research and give you detailed look at their cons and pros, as well as whether I recommend using this VPN or not. Pros of Using VPN Unlimited 1. Confirmed: Works with Netflix Ever since 2016, Netflix has been putting a stop to any user accessing their website via a VPN or proxy. According to our research, roughly 70% of VPNs manage to bypass this block. Luckily, is no exception to this rule.

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Here are the following servers we tested: VPN Unlimited servers unblocking Netflix: • United States: California • Canada VPN Unlimited servers blocked by Netflix: • Hampshire, United Kingdom (BBC iPlayer) • Netherlands 2 servers out of 4 worked. So they’re not lying. That’s a good start.

Good, 24/7 Customer Support via Live Chat As I have stated time and time again, most VPN providers are kinda bad when it comes to customer service. Much to my surprise and amazement, VPN Unlimited is not one of them. While it is true that they do not offer a live chat feature like many of the more premium VPN providers, the quality of their email/ticket support is unparalleled. I submitted a simple query on their website (asking whether or not their services would protect me from someone monitoring network activity directly from the router) around 6:48 p.m. Since some time had passed since I last reviewed their customer service (which used to be terrible by the way), I just wanted to gauge the speed and efficacy of their support team to see if anything had improved. And it has I was pleasantly surprised when, only 20 minutes later, I opened my inbox to find a helpful and polite response from one of their representatives.

When you compare the customer support of VPN Unlimited to some of the other VPNs on the market (for example and ), the quality and speed of their service are actually quite remarkable. While it might not stand up to live chat feature, the support offered by VPN Unlimited is a breath of fresh air in a market plagued with shoddy customer service. Strong AES-256 encryption w/ OpenVPN, IPSec & Others VPN Unlimited encrypts your information with something called the. This super secure encryption standard is the same one used by and it is, quite literally, the most secure symmetrical encryption standard in existence (at least that we know of). It’s true that most VPN providers already use AES-256 to encrypt your data, but since security is one of the primary concerns when selecting a new service, this still counts as a “Pro” in my book. If you peruse the list of different VPNs that we have reviewed, you will undoubtedly notice that most (if not all) of them offer the above VPN tunneling protocols. So why in the world would I list this as a “Pro” for VPN Unlimited?