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For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has just seen a tasty little update released that will help you broadcast on the go. Hangouts on Air is Google's live broadcasting system that sends the feed out via YouTube – indeed, the Mobile Nations live podcasts have just switched to using this – and with the latest update you can join one right from your iOS device. Also, as you may expect, a smattering of bug fixes and performance improvements are also thrown in that you may or may not notice. If you're a frequent Hangout on Air user though, let us know how you're finding being able to do it from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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I guess the extension is a way to force you on to Chrome. When using third party apps with Hangouts, any offline messages are not synced. So I am forced to open GMail, check if somebody has sent me something while offline, then start using the 3rd party app. Or just keep an open Gmail tab all the time.

I hate the way that Google builds a user base for a product or service and after a while force everybody using it to something completely different. I never started using GTalk with the intention to start using Chrome o.O aardvark_12 31/7/2013, 10:22 น.


Come on Google. Please make us a Hangouts client.stop with the fighting with Facebook, and get on track to what you were doing before, making things easier for everyone!

I know you have the knowledge, and for damn sure have the resources to get it! I don't want to get an extension to work an application I can get on my browser for.but there are times when I don't necessarily need my browser, and don't want to have to sign on to my Google+ to get to hangouts. You've done great with the phone app, why not do something like it, maybe change it up a little, maybe even get a Windows 8 app running for Hangouts, it'll have your open conversations on the left, and an actual conversation on the right. That's just the start to an idea, make the rest of that come true Google!! I just tried to organize a meeting on Google hangouts and it was a huge mess.

There are two kinds of gchat / hangouts you can try, there are so many tiny buttons to click to get it to work. I like Google much more than MS but our people couldnt figure out how to make google hangouts work. Need to make it SIMPLE if folks will use it in meeting. Skype - you sign in, you get a request, and you are on. Google hangouts - install plugin, but only for certain browsers, then use old or new Gchat which confuses everyone, and then click the tiniest camera icon ever that does not say hangout at all. Then there is an icon on the top and I have no idea what that does. Need - click, accept, talk.

Jmar777 22/8/2013, 14:48 น. First of all, I'd like to recognize that I am a user of free software here (which I'm thankful for).

The Hangouts team has done some great work, and I benefit from it daily. With that said, the usability issues facing the Hangouts Chrome plugin is substantial enough that it warrants some serious attention. I'll provide (hopefully) more useful details below, but the majority of these usability issues seem to originate from the constraints of being built as a Chrome plugin.