Char(150) is a non-braking *dash*, about twice the size of Char(45), the standard keyboard hyphen. A non-breaking hyphen is Char(173), same size as Char(45). -- HTH, RD --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please keep all correspondence within the NewsGroup, so all may benefit! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'BoniM' wrote in message

Type hyphen _ shift hyphen (underscore) =E2=80=94 option shift plus Hyphen (em Dash) =E2=80=93 option hyphen =E2=80=93 (en Dash) - shift command - CyberTaz wrote: > Hi Joan; > > I don't know what 'really simple' method you remember, but it hasn't ch= anged > in Word 2008 from what it was in 2004& prior. You can have Word hyphenate your text automatically as you type your text, or later, in one pass. You can also use manual hyphenation to have Word make hyphenation suggestions. Automatic hyphenation is quicker and easier, although manual hyphenation provides more control. Do any of the following.

BoniM 14/5/2008, 17:59 น. I promise, once you get over the can't find anything thingy, you'll love it. Or at least I do.:-) Some helpful things. Online Interactive: Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 command reference guide Downloadable Interactive: Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 command reference guide Excel Ribbon mapping workbook And you may already be beyond this, but I have a Quick Ref Guide (.doc file) you can download from here: Have a great weekend!

How To Do A Hard Hyphen In Word For Mac

'Deeny H' wrote: > Not necessary!! I'm so green due to lack of training for Office 2007, I'm > wasting hours trying to figure out how to do things or where to appropriate > commands that Excel 2003 had but which I cannot seem to access. So if you > got mixed up on which number, big whoop! No problem, and I'm just grateful > that people responded, because now I'm good to goooooo!

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Deeny H 21/5/2008, 7:07 น. Boni, no WONDER you are such a marvel and know so much about MS! (I consulted your site via the link you provided.) I really, really appreciate your help. My latest project (labels) has gone slowly, but the only real problem I've encountered is that the name of the college or university crops up twice on one label--sometimes the lines are one below the first (mentioning the institution), other times the duplicate line will be down a couple from the first. All the names and addresses are identical in composition in an Excel database, so who knows why the college (and only the college) would pop up is a real conundrum. I'm just going through the labels manually and removing the offending lines. Thanks again!