The WhatsApp client for Mac is full featured and easy to use. To get started, you’ll need a WhatsApp account and an iPhone or Android device with the WhatsApp application installed, beyond that it’s simple to setup and use.

Advertisement What do you mean you aren’t using? This is one of While Facebook holds the lion's share of the social market, new services like Kik, Snapchat and WhatsApp threaten to break Facebook's stranglehold on the social Internet. Look, if you haven’t got it because you’re a Mac user and think it doesn’t work with Macs or iPhones, you’re mistaken. Let’s get WhatsApp working on OS X, shall we?

Now, WhatsApp is primarily a phone-based instant messaging service. A moment of introspection, please: What do you do more often - call people using your phone, or text them? I would bet it's the latter.

For many people, texting is more convenient than calling.,. Yes, you can use it without a phone and I’ll show you how, but the bottom line is that it’s best to use it on your phone. How The messages you get on your phone can then be relayed to your Mac. With that in mind, go get the app for your phone first and set it up: Download: (Free) Download: (Free) The Simplest Choice: WhatsApp Web Once you have WhatsApp set up on your phone, is the official and easiest way to get WhatsApp on Mac. Setup is super simple too. • Go to WhatsApp Web gives you most of the features of WhatsApp on your computer.

Here's how to use WhatsApp Web on your PC. On Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari browsers. • On your phone, tap WhatsApp > Menu (three dot icon) > WhatsApp Web > “ +” icon • Point your phone’s camera to the QR Code you see on your screen. WhatsApp will detect the code and sync your phone’s client with your computer’s.

And just like that, your entire WhatsApp chat history, contacts, and other data will be mirrored to your browser. WhatsApp Web cannot do everything the phone client can, but includes several useful features like using your keyboard to type, desktop alerts, sharing photos or audio, and more. Notable missing options are Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has finally launched a new voice calling service, enabling users to make phone calls over the Internet., blocking users, and starting a group chat. For more details, here is WhatsApp Web gives you most of the features of WhatsApp on your computer. Here's how to use WhatsApp Web on your PC.

Since it first released, WhatsApp Web has changed or added several items, like, browsers other than Chrome, changing profile pictures, and more. ChitChat, a Dedicated WhatsApp Web Client Google Chrome is just so slow and annoying. Google is now rolling out major changes to the browser that fix memory problems and actively discards unused tabs., so if you don’t want an open tab doing that with WhatsApp Web, then consider downloading. This is a standalone Mac app that is basically a web page wrapper for WhatsApp Web. Once you download and install ChitChat, it works exactly like how WhatsApp Web does in any browser, so the setup is the same as the steps above. The difference?

You can ditch Chrome and still use this. It even supports notifications for new messages! The app can also be set to sign in automatically when you start. ChitChat has a few bugs that show up from time to time.

In the screenshot above, you can see how the first contact has the close/minimize buttons overlaying it—that’s not how it always looks, it’s a bug that goes away when you resize the window. These are small bugs and nothing that is a deal-breaker. Direct Download: Use PushBullet for Notifications and Quick Replies We’ve previously mentioned how Find out how you can keep your Android perfectly synced with your PC -- push your phone's notifications to your desktop, share files, and much more!, and an update earlier this year made it even better. Now, you can reply to incoming WhatsApp messages on your phone through a notification on your screen.

Not everyone will want WhatsApp Web and this is a less intrusive solution to use WhatsApp from your computer once in a while without reaching for your phone. Here’s what you need. • Download and install. • Download and install. • Sign in with the same account on both devices and follow the in-app instructions to connect them.

• On Android, go to Pushbullet > Menu > Mirroring > Show my notifications on my PC and enable it. • On Mac, go to Pushbullet > Preferences > Settings > Enable Pushbullet Notifications and check the box. • This will enable notifications for all chat and text apps. If you want only WhatsApp and nothing else, then on your Android, go to Pushbullet > Menu > Mirroring > Only for some apps and select only WhatsApp in the list.