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LibreOffice is a free office suite that you can use on Windows, Linux and Mac. It comes from an alternative development (fork) of OpenOffice (now Apache's property). This software is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office, thanks to his quality and free cost. Inside this application's suite you can find all the programs you need: an strong text processor similar to Word (Writer), an spreadsheet editor (Calc), presentation editor (Impress), drawings and diagrams (Draw), Maths (Math) and a database program (Base).They are well-built, have some templates available and can expand more and more with downloadable extensions. The last version show what can be done with the collaborative work of many programmers and users, as a big open source community.

Thanks to Gerrit, now is even easier for people around the globe to access to this software code and collaborate in his development.LibreOffice is integrated with content management systems (CMS) and online storage trough the CMIS standard. This allow us to directly access the ECM stored documents at cloud, either with OpenSource or software for Microsoft SharePoint owners. This programs also benefits the customization with the Mozilla 'Personas'. LibreOffice also supports the conversion between non-native formats like RTF or DOCX (Microsoft Office). Also you can edit Visio or Publisher documents with Libreoffice tools. Not bad.So, if you love open source software or just want an excellent office suite at zero cost, LibreOffice is a great option.

Hello, I downloaded the Libre Office app (size of 36.7 MB) and was trying to install it on my Mac. I followed the procedure as mentioned in the ' how to install on os x' section of LO's official website. However nothing seems to be happening. Here are the steps taken: • Downloaded the file 'LibreOffice_5.1.2_MacOS_x86-64_sdk.dmg' • Mounted the dmg file. A new window appeared with a folder (and not an icon) named 'LibreOffice_5.1_SDK' • I dragged this folder and dropped it in the application folder.

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Libreoffice for mac os 10.6.8

A dialog box appeared saying copying files. Around 360 MB files were copied. However even after copying the files I cannot see the applications in Launchpad. I can however find the 'LibreOffice_5.1_SDK' folder in the Applications folder.

Was I proceeding with the installation process correctly? Please advice. PS: I'm new to the Mac System (about 20 days old) OS: Mac OS X 10.11.1.