Retrieving a WordPerfect document using Word. Letting Word do the converting is usually a better choice, in my experience, than letting WordPerfect do it. The formatting codes tend to be translated far better. Be sure to save the document under a different name.

George Courtney discovered that he couldn’t print old DOC files from inside Windows Explorer. “Do I have to convert the files to compatible mode?” No, you don’t have to convert the files, and I hope you never do. As file formats change with application upgrades, the old formats should continue to be supported. Programs change, but content—words, numbers, images, and sounds—should last indefinitely. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen as cleanly as we’d like.

As security became a bigger problem, Microsoft altered the Office formats to make them safer. But that meant that the old, less-secure formats had to be handled carefully. [Have a tech question? Ask PCWorld Contributing Editor Lincoln Spector. Send your query to.] That doesn’t mean you can’t open the files. It just means you have to know what you’re doing.

Make calendar smaller outlook for mac download. You can hide all the events on a calendar by clearing the check box next to the calendar name in the navigation pane. To delete a calendar that you created, click the calendar in the navigation pane, Ctrl+click or right-click the calendar name, and then click Delete. Note: If the Open Shared Calendar or Calendar Permissions buttons are unavailable, you might need to change one of your settings. See You cannot open a shared calendar in Outlook 2016 for Mac for instructions. Adding invitees, locations, or notes to a calendar entry is a fairly simple process in Fantastical, BusyCal, and Calendar.app — both in creating a new entry, or with editing an existing one. In this regard, Outlook adds slightly more friction to the process.

I’ve tested this in Word 2010, 2013, and 2016, as well as Excel 2010. My instructions are for Word, but can be adapted to other Office applications.

First, you need to get to the File Block Settings dialog box: • In Word, select File > Options. • In the resulting Word Options dialog box’s left pane, click Trust Center. • Click Trust Center Settings button • In the resulting Trust Center dialog box’s left pane, select File Block Settings. Note that the resulting dialog box is dominated by a list of document formats—mostly variations of DOC and DOCX. All of them have an Open checkbox—although only a few are checked. Some also have a Save checkbox, but we don’t have to worry about that. The three options at the bottom of the dialog box control what happens when you try to access a file whose format is checked.

The default setting, Open selected file types in Protected View, allows you to view the document in Word, but not edit it. Oddly, this default also blocks you from printing the file or previewing it in Windows/File Explorer. That makes no sense.

If it’s safe to display in Word, it should be safe to print or display elsewhere. The Do not open selected file types option blocks access to the file entirely—both in Word and in Windows/File Explorer’s Preview pane. The Open selected file types in Protected View and allow editing option is similar to the default, except for a big Enable Editing button. Click it, and you can edit the file, print it, and even view it in Windows/File Explorer. And you can continue to do all of those things for that particular file. Of course if you uncheck the format’s Open checkmark, you can do anything with the file.

Verious programs can be found by searching online. My passport for mac not readable.

But you have to weigh the ease of accessing old files with security needs.

Opening WordPerfect Documents using Word Microsoft Word for Windows can be used to open Wordperfect documents even if you don't have WordPerfect installed on your computer. Unfortunately any changes you make can only be saved in Word format, so if you're collaborating with someone who uses WordPerfect you'll probably want to use the actual WordPerfect program instead. (WordPerfect is available on Winstat.) However, if you just need to read WordPerfect documents then this solution allows you to do so on your own computer. Mac Users: The Mac version of Microsoft Word cannot open WordPerfect documents. You can use WordPerfect on Winstat to open WordPerfect documents and then save them in Word format for later use on your Mac. To make all WordPefect documents open in Microsoft Word on your computer: • Locate any WordPerfect document.

If you do not have Wordperfect installed on your computer, the file icon will probably look like a white rectangle and you will be able to see the.wpd extension at the end of the file name. Right click on the document and choose Properties. • In the Properties window, make sure you're on the General tab and click the Change button next to Opens with.