Thus far I am very disappointed with macOS Sierra. I have a MacBook Pro late 2011 (2.5 Ghz intel core i5, 4 gb ram) which was running great on El Capitan. Updated today to macOS Sierra and my computer is so slow now, honestly shocked because it's the slowest its ever been. Applications take much longer to open, Siri isn't even worth using due to how slow it is. Everything went so well when I had upgraded to El Capitan, I thought I would have similar results this time around. Anyone else on a 2011 MacBook Pro with better results than me? I'm on a mid-2011 MacBook Air (so significantly less horsepower than your MBP) and I've not noticed any slowdowns as you've described.

Should I update my standard macbook pro early 2011 (4gb ram, 500gb HD, intel core i5) to sierra or high sierra? Or should i stay on el capitan? More about: upgrade 2011 macbook pro high.

Now, I always make a practice of doing several reboots over a few days (rather than just let my Mac go to sleep when I'm not using it), as I've found that helps Apple's OS get its ducks in a row - and maybe that helps. Boots are marginally longer, but beyond that. The only other caveats here I have is that I don't use a lot of power / processor hungry apps and, being an Air, I have a SSD, rather than a HDD - so I don't know if those issues are playing into your's there - but firedept10's comment above suggests that its not a SSD/HDD issue? Hi Bazza1, I have a question for you. How about battery on a mid-2011 MacBook Air? Upgrade quickbooks 2012 for mac How long is Air working on a Sierra?Hi Dmitry - In truth, I don't use my Air as often as I once did on battery alone (though my battery's health and number of cycles left on it is still pretty good) - so I can't really give you a comparison.

And I never really kept track of how long it ran with previous OSs and I've not really had enough of an opportunity to run it 'dry' on Sierra yet. Sorry I can't offer guidance there. My early-2011 MacBookPro is running at a glacial pace on Sierra. I actually didn't even realize that I was upgrading the system, or I wouldn't have done it! In that same vein of knowing so little as to be dangerous, I don't know what HDD or SDD is.

This Mac is an old one from work that I'm using at home, and I would love to not have to invest in a new one, if that's possible. Thanks for being smart people on this site!HDD is a hard disk drive, the 'old' traditional spinning hard drive. The newer computers often come with an SSD, or solid state drive, which is much like a memory card in your camera. No spinning drives, just near instant read/write access.

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Performance is quite a bit better. You can see for yourself when I changed my 2011 Mac Mini HDD with an SSD. See this thread.

Robertk328 - Thabks for the explanation! I wouldn't be able to do that changeout myself, but it's very good to know what to ask someone else for! That's an amazing result and would be so much better than the molasses brick I currently own.