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The landscape of PC games and video games, in general, has changed dramatically from the early days of classic DOS games and the IBM PC. There have been so many advancements in both PCs and video games from hardware advancements to software development, but no matter how pretty or advanced the game is, the true test of a game comes down to one basic principle; Is the game fun to play? There has been a resurgence in retro style games that are extremely fun to play, but some of the best gameplay can still be found in classic DOS games. The list that follows includes some of the best DOS Games that are still fun to play and worth the minimal requirements to install. Many of the games can be found on video game digital download sites such as GOG and Steam, while others have been released as freeware.

X-COM: UFO Defense is a turn-based sci-fi strategy game from Mircoprose which was released in 1994. It includes two distinct game modes or phases that players control, one being the Geoscape mode which is basically base management and the other being Battlescape mode where players will equip and control a squad of soldiers out on a mission investigating Alien crash landings and invasions of cities. The Geoscape portion of the game is extremely detailed and includes research/technology tree that players must allocation resources against, manufacturing, budgeting and more. The Battlescape is just as detailed with players controlling every soldier in the squad using time units to move into cover, shoot at aliens or reveal portions of the map yet to be explored.

Even after 20+ years since its release X-COM: UFO Defense still offers up some great gameplay. No two games are ever the same and the depth of the technology tree provides a new approach and strategy with each play. A free download of the game can be found on many abandonware or DOS dedicated websites, but it is not freeware. Commercial versions of the original game are available from a number of digital distributors, all of which work with modern operating systems out of the box and do not require players to be proficient with DOSBox. The game is set in the popular Forgotten Realms campaign setting in and around the Moonsea city of Phlan. Pool of Radiance follows the second edition ruleset of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and players begin the game as any AD&D or D&D game starts, with character creation.

Players create a party of up to six characters from various races and character classes and then begin their adventures by arriving in Phlan and completing quests for the city that include things such as cleaning out sections that have been overrun by evil monsters, obtaining items and general information gathering. Character leveling and advancement follows the AD&D rules and the game also includes many magical items, spells, and monsters. The game can also be found on a number of digital distribution sites such as under the Forgotten Realms: The Archives Collection Two combo pack which includes all of the gold box titles from SSI. Like many of the other games on this list, Pool of Radiance can be found on a number of abandonware websites but it is not a freeware title, meaning downloading is at your own risk. All versions require DOSBox in order to play but the GOG version will have DOSBox built in and not require any custom setup. Civilization is a turn-based strategy game released in 1991 and developed by Sid Meier and Microproce.

The game is a 4x style strategy game where players lead a civilization from 4000 BC through 2100 AD. Training for windows power shell. The primary objective for players is to manage and grow their civilizations through the ages competing with up to six other AI-controlled civilizations. Players will found, manage and grow cities which in turn expand the domain of the civilization eventually leading to warfare and diplomacy with other civilizations. In addition to warfare, diplomacy and city management, Civilization also features a robust technology tree in which players are free to choose what to research and develop to advance their civilization. Also, know as Sid Meier's Civilization or Civ I, the game has been widely praised by critics and gamers alike with many calling it the best PC game of all time. Mmorpg games for mac 2014. Since its 1991 release, the game has given rise to the multi-million dollar that has seen the release of six games in the main series with a seventh planned for late 2016 and numerous expansions and spin-off games.