October 10, 2009 The Linux and Mac OSX versions of this awesome SMS/Genesis/32X emulator saw an update yesterday. Here’s what the release notes say. Google contacts for mac labels. • Made some changes to the config options. Hopefully this fixes a problem some people were having where Windows would fail to size the window correctly, although I cannot reproduce this problem. • Moved SMS controls into main controls window, matching the other builds. • Fixed a couple of problems relating to SMS controls.

• Fixed preferred country detection order – at some point a couple of them got switched somehow. • Various SMS fixes. • A few minor 32X bugfixes and tweaks.

Forgive me if I sound ungrateful here because I'm totally appreciative of all the hard work people put into these emulators and hardly asking for anything back but I am beyond frustrated with trying to get the music in Sega CD games to work properly with Kega Fusion on Mac OS X (Intel). I can play some of the games just fine (i.e.

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Final Fight CD) but just without music and I'm sorry but without music most Sega CD games are just really large Genesis games. I heard someone mention before somewhere on this forum that the image file has to be a.bin and the audio files have to be.wav. I've tried numerous things like converting.mp3s to.wavs and renaming a file to.bin, editing the.cue file in a text editor, etc.

All with negative results. I've never heard a simple explanation of how to achieve this and to most of you it might seem simple but to people like me, the process of ripping files to another disk image, etc. I'm no noob to the emulation scene either, been using emulators since 1997. I've played Sega CD games on a PC I used to own before using Gens and I never had a problem. I use a program called Toast Titanium to do all my disk image management. Please save all the comments like 'you have to do this on a pc' or 'just hop on your pc and do this', some people don't have both and I personally prefer Macs, so please save the flaming.

Could anyone give me some advice of how to do this or at least direct me to a site where I could find some info on how to do it? I've already spent hours on trying to get this to work and I'm at my wit's end. Thanks in advance.