WiiU Gamecube adapter KEXT for OSX. ##Update: I recommend you use this driver instead, which has all for controller ports working correctly:.

I have that adaptor, and I haven't really played around with it. What happened was, I got the to play Zelda OoT in Project64, and it worked so well I then got a to use with my regular PC & Mac Games, and to use with Dolphin with GC games.and I thought, why not get the 3-in-1 Magic Joybox for use with Dolphin? Well with all this fiddling around, I've never gotten around to using it or setting up Dolphin. I can give it a whirl sometime soon, and let you know. BTW, the others worked *really* well, and the PC (and even the Mac) see it as a general USB joystick, so it works great in both emulators and regular games, EXCEPT when newer games (like Skyrim) are set up for an XBOX controller only. Click to expand.Ok, rummaging around in my closet, I remembered what my original hare-brained scheme was with the GC adaptor was.I had given my GC and both wired controllers to my nieces, but still had my Wavebird wireless controller.

I wanted to see if it would work with the adaptor, and sadly, it did not. I'm still trying to dig up my original PS controller, and let you know if that worked. If this helps, without realizing it, I had my Mayflash Wii Classic Controller adatpor plugged in, along with the Wii Classic Controller, and it recognized the controller automatically, and seemed to work ok (I didn't want to mess with any keybindings, since I spent some time getting it to work with my N64 controller). Click to expand.Long story short: The 3-in-1 Magic Joybox is *not* working with the mac! I guess they never officially wrote drivers for it.I thought it would be one of those universal USB HID interfaces, but for what ever reason, it isn't working. Full details: I couldn't find my PlayStation controller, so, I bought a used GameCube (which I've been wanted to do anyway.I can't ask my nieces for my old one back ) plugged the controller in, and.nothing. Paragon ntfs for mac serial key.

When I plugged it into my PC, it recognized it immediately, and started working as expected. That's too bad.now, as I hold the old GC controller in my hands, I forgot how comfy it was! I've also tried it with other emulators and other programs, and the same thing. I guess I am confused, because their other Nintendo joystick products work fantasic.maybe the 3 ports complicate things.

Click to expand.I popped over to their website to check out OpenEmu.2 things: 1) they only seem to support certain controllers.the game controllers they supported or the modern 3rd party versions of old controllers, with usb connections.which I detest. HOWEVER they do support the Wii Remote, and the Wii U Pro Controller, so maybe you can make do with those? Also, 2) N64 is still experimental, so,who knows what exactly is going on? So short answer, is, nope, it doesn't look like that will work, currently.