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DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS that allows you to play games on your Mac using DS ROM files, which you can download from the Internet. The GameBoy has come a long way since we first saw that big white and grey block at the end of the last century. Its great, great, great grandson, the Nintendo DS is now even more powerful than the high-tech machines doing the rounds in the arcades of the early 90s. In fact, it's so good that sometimes you'll want to play with it in the office, which obviously you can't. Well, actually you can. Actually you can't. Well, with DeSmuME you sort of can.

Let us explain. By Anonymous Works a lot better than most people give it credit for. Honestly I see a lot of reviews noting about crashing after short periods of ti me and the like, these users however don't realize it isn't the emulators fault. The emulator generally runs on over 300,000k memory, if your computer cant handle that kind of memory usage then obviously it will crash. I have run the program for an entire day and it didn't crash even once, some minor slowdowns were noted but at the time of my posting this I only had three gigs of ram. So before you give the emulator a bad rating, look at your operating system first and see if it can handle 300,000k memory usage. If it can, you should be seeing near seamless game play swift and accurate touchscreen simulations and rich sound. Download new quicktime for mac.

Pros: Plays many games and plays them clearly. Good sound quality. Excellent touch screen interface. Great framerates.

Cons: Has a high memory draw (over 300,000k) reviewed on November 7, 2010 •.

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