First on the list of best Notepad++ alternatives for Mac is Sublime Text. Sublime Text, as a Notepad++ alternative, offers great functionality. However, unlike Notepad ++, Sublime Text is not free. It costs $70. You may try the program for free for a limited time. Hi all, new mac user here. Is there any good text editor out there for mac that works as good as notepad++ in windows? Thanks in advance!

For $ 50 BBEdit is an HTML text code editor specially created for Mac. It is designed for the software and web developers.It supports many programming languages. Users can also create custom modules of the languages they want. It also supports FTP and SFTP tools. BBEdit is the standard text editor. You should give it a try.

If you don’t want to pay $50 then BBEdit has a free version named as. It is the child version of BBEdit. The app’s development has been stopped. It is still available in the play store.

Check out: for $ 80 UltraEdit is a text editor made for Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. It has unique custom themes and layouts. It’s blazing power and fast performance gives it’s users an extra edge over other text editors. It can easily handle large files (10+ GB) and modify them. It provides syntax highlighting for any coding language. UltraEdit provides a 30 days trial with 100% money back guarantee.

Learn: for Mac. It cannot happen that MacVim is not mentioned when we talk about alternatives of Notepad++ for Mac. It is many programmers first choice. You can use MacVim on any device.

Yes, you name it and MacVim is available there. You can even use it on your Android and iPhone also. Other than text editor features, It provides a transparent background, a full-screen mode with ODB editor support. For $70 Sublime text is a sophisticated text editor for code and prose. It’s slick user interface and blazing performance sets sublime text editor.

It has a goto anything feature which allows the users to switch to the desired lines with few keystrokes. Its powerful phyton API provides it an extra functionality. If you are a coder or a software developer then you must try this one. Learn: (Free) If you are looking for a free alternative to notepad++ then Brackets is your choice. This modern source code editor is created by Adobe.

User friendly, compact I love that it works for my Mac straight out of the box. My passport for mac wdbzyl0020bsl. I’ve connected it both to USB-C on a new Mac and USB-A on an older one, and it works well on both.I am running TimeMachine backups to it, plus I also use.

They have blended visual tools with the editor to make the designing easy for the users. Brackets editor is made on javascript which makes the software light and more powerful. For No Cost Atom, a hackable free source text editor which is developed.

It is licensed by MIT and it is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a tool where you can customise it to any of your needs. Atom is built using web technologies and maintained by the community. If you love to try new things then Atom text editor is something you must try. For free Komodo IDE is the best option for the developers but if you don’t need to do much-advanced stuff then Komodo Edit is made there for you. Komodo Edit is a dynamic language text editor. It is the basic editor for programming.

There are many packages available on GitHub so that you can upgrade and make the editor more functional. Go On, Tell Us What You Think! Did we miss something? Tell us what you think about our article on Alternatives of Notepad++ Mac in the comments section.