Outlook and File Synchronization with SYNCING.NET Simplify Business Management - Mission complete Invisible assistant Software products are not visible, you cannot touch or weigh them. However, they are sold because they do their work. Moreover, it’s hard to imagine our today’s work without program tools like Microsoft Office, as they become a real platform for business and entertainment. One of the key tasks of any company is an information management, data storage and document sharing between employees of a company.

Sync options for Mac and Windows users are not the same. Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows do not have the same options. Basically, CalDAV/CardDAV are protocols that allow sync for contacts and calendars. Outlook.com, hotmail,com, live.com and msn.com do not support these protocols.

Minimal linux os. This is where our service SYNCING.NET can help. Its main feature is the Outlook synchronization without Exchange server and the file sharing without the use of third parties Cloud services. SYNCING.NET is used as an office communicator already for 10 years. For example, the synchronization of Outlook contacts between multiple PCs in the office or at home is an easy task for SYNCING.NET. So you can share Outlook data and documents with business partners or family members.

Microsoft Outlook is not just a regular email manager. It is widely used for business communications. Each of its features is well thought.

Microsoft office for mac os x lion free download. Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 may be the best pick for business users, with major updates to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Entourage. After a series of delays, Microsoft plans to release Office.

However, it lacks of synchronization features between multiple devices like Outlook calendar sync, Outlook tasks sync or contacts sharing. SYNCING.NET fills in this gap and makes Outlook sync in a multi-user environment easy. For example, the synchronization of a particular calendar with your colleagues at the office can be a very important task. It is very tedious and error prone to manually manage corporate events on every employee’s PC, as some of the important events can be simply lost or overseen.

SYNCING.NET performs calendar sync with Outlook seamlessly and can update all events across multiple desktop computers or mobile devices with ease automatically. With SYNCING.NET you don’t need to manage your calendars or contacts manually using USB-sticks or other media anymore. Increase productivity Information is the most valuable resource of any company. Big corporations have special IT department for data protection. However, small and medium companies cannot always afford having IT staff for that purpose. This is where SYNCING.NET can be very useful.

SYNCING.NET can significantly reduce IT and administration costs in a company. SYNCING.NET is very easy to use and can be configured by employees without special IT-knowledge. SYNCING.NET does automatic Outlook and file synchronization across diverse desktop Windows, Mac, Linux computers and mobile devices iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. SYNCING.NET features: • High security standards with multi-level encryption. • Easy and clear user interface. • Supports proxy-servers and a big number of users. • Outlook sync and File sharing are possible even without Internet connection.

Outlook not syncing with server

• SYNCING.NET editions for Business and private customers. • Quick support by e-mail. One of the key feature of SYNCING.NET is a data sharing without cloud services. SYNCING.NET also does not require additional hardware or software, and IT-administration. Data synchronization works in the background using an advanced peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. Our offer SYNCING.NET offers several editions for different groups of users. The SYNCING.NET Business Edition was designed for companies and workgroups and allows data sharing between different SYNCING.NET users.