Beautify you pictures with Reflection. Reflection is a simple to use application that is sure to be a useful tool for any graphics artist, developer or the average consumer. Simply put, Reflection takes an image and applies a reflection affect to it, plain and simple but it doesn't stop there.

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10.11.6 Google Chrome Local Cache Location in Mac OS X. Another option is to manually delete Chrome cache and web data based through the file system on a Mac. This is similar to manually emptying cache in Safari for Mac, and is best reserved for more advanced users only. Where are the large cache files for Google Chrome are saved in OS X? For files less than 50 MB it's under /Library/Caches/Google. But for files more than 50 MB, it used to be in /var/.. To Find Chrome cache files, open Finder, go to the Library Folder (in the menu bar click Go >> select Go to Folder. >> type ~/Library >> click Go >> then go to Caches folder >> here you will find a subfolder with the name '' The Chrome cahces are stored here. Google Chrome’s browser cache contains information from Internet sites you have visited. It may store images and videos, or the layouts for entire Web pages.

See below for the features that make this a must have tool to add to your image toolbox. Features: - Drag & Drop to easily import your image - Size Adjustment for quickly resizing your image - Reflection Length adjustment to specify how much of the image you want to reflect - Reflection Gap Adjustment to specify the amount of gap you want between your original and the reflection - Reflection Opacity Adjustment to specify the opacity of the reflection. - Perspective Adjustment to easily add some perspective to your image. - Elevation Adjustment to easily add some elevation to your image.

- Background Preview Color Picker so you can quickly see what your resulting image will look like against any background - Export as 1 image. When you save your image with the reflection it saves as a single image. Reflections are a great way to make any image look more professional and is great for showcasing your work. Supports PSD, PNG, TIFF, BMP, JPEG and many other file formats. Jude Monteleone, Recomendations for Improvment Dear Mr. Fletcher & fellow Apple readers, This application is simple to use, however the features or fucntions it offers I feel is too simple or bare.

Additional editing tools and features with a simple to use program would have been or would be a better application or product. I for one would like to see updates continuing this idea. In it's current state I feel.99 cents would have been a better price.

After installing more tools & features, such as some of which I will recomend the price may be $4.99 yet worth the download. This is a program or application I can get for free on my phone. What this does is no different. I would ask for a refund if possible. I like it to a better product all together.

It does what it says yet I like to see the product with more depth. I have some recomendations for improvement in the updates that are to come. I for one will be optimistic that updates with this application will come soon. In no particular order they are: 1: Over lapping or a layering feature: Q: What if I want place the reflection or a reflection in the middle of the piece? 2: Placement of the reflection feature: Q: What if I want to have the reflection above the piece rather than below it?

Q: What if I want the reflection to the left or right? 3: Placing more than just one reflection feature: Q: What if the look I am going for would include having a reflection below, above, one to the right, on to the left and one in the middle. Allow for muliple relfections to be applied. 4: Angle & Perspective features: Q: What if I want to place the reflection in perspective? This would create and allow for the reflection to give the effect of being in the 3rd dimension. Q: What if I want to place the reflection at an angle? The reflection here is a straight shot.

Reflection App For Mac

I want to be able to place a reflection other than at 90 degrees. So unless the original shot is already at a angle you currently are unable to perform this task. 5: More sizing features: Q: What if I want the reflection to be smaller or larger than the original piece? The size feature given allows you to adjust how much of the 90 degree reflection is visiable or adjusts the vertical axis visibility. It does not actually allow you to change the size of the reflection. Really this function should be called Reflection Visiability rather than Reflection Size. So recomendation here is to allow the function of (sizing) visiability on horizontal & vertical axis.

Also what if I want the visiabilty to be circular in shape? Or triangluar/ prism in shape? Dvd burner for mac free download. Including all the basic mathematical shapes would really add a special spark to the application. Some include: cube, oval, hexagon, octagon, sphere, cylinder, cone, pyramid, diamond, regular octahedron, parallelepiped, torus, helix & all the archimedean solids. It be neat to be able to bend the reflection in these ways.