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Hi everyone, Been having an issue with a user, and I have no clue where to even start looking. We have a Lync 2013 server, with clients ranging from Lync 2011 on Mac, to Lync 2013/Skype for Business 2015 and 2016 on Windows (7, 8.1 and 10). A specific user has been having an issue where some contacts appear as others in the contact list (aka, Contact X will appear to be Contact Y, but just for the name. The email address and title will be the right one). If there a way to fully resync the address book in Skype?

Or any other way really to solve this issue? Hi Ben, Thanks for the quick answer. Tried what you said, none of it worked. After I looked deeper into the issue, and having some extra screenshots provided by the user, it turns out the problem was with the contact cards created by SfB and sync'd with Outlook.

Here's what I found: He had three specific contacts that some of their data (email address, SIP address, phone, first & last name) got all mixed up (for some reason I still haven't figured yet). All of the three contacts had the same first and last name (from a specific contact, let's call her Jane Doe), all of their email addresses and SIP addresses were everywhere (so, Contact A had Contact B & C's email address, Contact B had Contact A & C's address, etc.), and the phone number for everyone was Jane Doe's. Tried to delete the contacts from SfB but a single one got deleted, and the others didn't want to delete themselves. Had to close down SfB, open Outlook, delete the contacts from there, then close Outlook and reopen SfB. Once I searched and found those three contacts, the name and everything else was OK. Re-added them as contacts, checked again the contact cards in Outlook and everything was good.

At least the whole thing is solved.yet I can't help but wonder how in the hell did that ever happen!! Talked to my sysadmin about it, and his look of 'WTF???' Was priceless haha. Hi Alex, If this is only happening for one user then I highly doubt there's anything wrong with the Address Book. Do they experience this if they sign in on a different client / device?

If not, go ahead and remove the local SIP profile for the user on their own client and see if that makes a difference. Failing that, check the users outlook contacts to see if they've duplicated information across multiple personal contacts or something. A faster method might be to completely disable Outlook integration in the Lync client options, then once again delete the local SIP profile and sign back in. To clarify, they search for 'David Smith' and get a result come back for 'Mike Jones' but with David Smiths email addresses etc.

On the contact card? In answer to your question though, deleting the local SIP profile will force the client to download the address book again at a random point between 0-60 minutes (unless otherwise forced). Quicktime for mac osx. That address book that is being downloaded is generated once a day, but running update-csaddressbook from a management shell will force this process to occur - if it were down to the address book though then it'd be affected everyone. Kind regards Ben Note: If you find a post informative, please mark it so using the arrow to the left. If it answers a question you've asked, please mark the thread as answered to aid others when they're looking for solutions to similar problems or queries. Hi Ben, Thanks for the quick answer. Tried what you said, none of it worked.