Best 3 Free Nintendo 64/ N64 Emulators for Mac OS X along with Joystick support to Play N64 Games Nintendo 64, popularly known as N64 is a very famous and one of the best gaming consoles being created by Nintendo. It is the first gaming console having the 3D rendering and 64-bit architecture. The most popular games in this series are Super Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda: Orcanine. This console has been discontinued now; however, with the help of an emulator, one can still play N64 games on the Mac devices including MacBook Air, Pro, Mac Mini, iMac etc. Below are top 3 emulators that are easily available and you can enjoy playing the N64 games on your Mac OS X. Top 3 Free Nintendo N64 Emulators for Mac OS X Please note that though these emulators let you play N64 games on your Mac OS X.

However, due to the copyright issues, these do not come along with any ROMs and you will have to download them from sites like CoolRom, loverom in-order to play them inside the N64 Emulator. N64 Emulator for Mac # 1 – OpenEmu Open Emu is one of topmost and the best Nintendo 64 / N64 emulator for any Mac OS X devices. Below are few unique features that this emulator provides to be the best one. • This is one of the few emulators that support many Retro Gaming consoles such as N64, SNES, GBC, and much more on the list.

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• Also comes along with the gamepad and Joystick Controller Support to enhance your playing pleasure. • In the event of sudden power cuts, this emulator is capable enough to save the game state and start from there only. • Also provides Mupen 64 Core emulation for N64 N64 Emulator for Mac # 2 – SixtyForce Another most demanded Nintendo 64/N64 emulator that is easily available anywhere is Sixty Force. This is the one emulator that supports Nintendo DD (Disk Drive) emulation. It also supports external gamepad or controllers along with the really fast emulation. It is the most suitable for Mac OS X Sierra. The only drawback that this emulator has is that it does not support the saving of game state which is quite essential in the case the game got freeze.

Snes9X latest version: Emulate the SNES on your Mac. For Windows), that is part of the category PC games with subcategory Emulators. Control atl delete for mac. Download Snes9x Super Nintendo Emulator for Mac OS X and play your favorite games!

N64 Emulator for Mac # 3 – wx Mupen 64 Plus This one is one of the official Front ends for Mupen 64 listen on their website. Below are the 2 main issues that this emulator has: • Screen Distortion- Screen is too much distorted • Doesn’t support Keyboard inputs- One is not able to play the games requiring keyboard inputs. However, will work completely fine with USB controllers or Joystick This one is having the least priority as compared to the rest of the two Nintendo 64 emulators. It is recommendable only in case one is facing any issues with OpenEmu and Sixty Force emulators.