Task manager for mac os x. Office Tutorials - Determining the Concentration of an Unknown Sample (Microsoft Excel 2011). Office Tutorials - Determining the Concentration of an Unknown Sample. Making and using a. Data Analysis, Error and Uncertainty - data analysis using Excel. Analysis of linear calibration data - demonstrates the analysis of spectrophotometric data, using correlation. XY Graphs: Drawing x-y graph; 'Best-fit' trendlines; Error bars.

Most simple thing to do on paper, but somehow near impossible to work out in Excel. I need to interpolate off a standard curve in Excel. I have a standard curve and need to find an unknown concentration of a known absorbance. Just like this; My lecturer would not give us any more hints than to either use the, linear regression equation (which i think i worked out but couldn't get it to calculate the concentration) or use the point finding/picking option (no idea what this could mean) If anyone could help me out with this I would really appreciate it, and so would my whole class! In excel, you can do it two ways: Method 1: Use a standard interpolation/extrapolation formula.

(Bingle) Method 2: Plot any existing data points that you have as an x-y(scatter) plot. Right-click on the data line in the chart and choose 'Add trendline'.

Excel will calculate a best-fit line for your data (using linear regression) and display the line over the top of your existing data. If you right-click on this trendline, you can adjust its settings and display properties of it, including the equation used to draw it.

Once you have that equation, you can plug in any value of x and get the corresponding value of y.

I need help desparately. Last night I spent several hours working on an Excel 2002 spreadsheet and it has disappeared. I saved it routinely as I was making many changes updates etc. I opened original file --stuff.xls --- made changes and saved it as again as stuff.xls. I have done this several times before. Today, when I go to open stuff.xls, it is nowhere to be found!!!!!

I have done a search, for any file modified since Thurs and nothing has appeared. I have checked the recycle bin, this did not go into auto recover nothing of the like. I am just traumatized, because I have NEVER had anything like this happen before.

I even thought perhaps I didn't save it as often as I thought, (I know that I did) but I remembered that I saved it at least once and I can't even find an Excel file that has been modified since Thurs!!! Does anyone have any idea what could have happened to this file?? BTW, I have prayed, rebooted, run spybot, called witch doctor, all with no success. I have never had a file to just disappear with no trace. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the question.

Normally I find answers to my excel questions by going through the help tab or by searching on Google. However, I don't even know what question to ask on this one!?!

Basically I have created a spreadsheet with several columns, but I have one column that lists the shirt size (YS, YM, YL, AS, AM, AL, XL, 2X, 3X) of each person. Is there a formula that I can create that will tabulate the number of sizes (i.e.

AS=2, AM=7, etc.)? In previous years I made a column for each size, and simply placed a '1' in the correct column, and had excel just add the 1's from each column. However, that takes more time and space. I was hoping to streamline it this time around. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, doug. I feel like this should be really easy and I am just out of it today but I cannot figure this out.

I want to lock a row and filter (with filter,not sort, tool) the other rows. I attached an example The row in RED I want to never be changed or added in the filter, but I want row 2 and 1 to filter together. So I want (in this case) the flavor to filter with the same number. SO i guess the filter process would be dependent upon the total number of votes. I had to create the information in tables and went from there. Hi folks, Hoping someone can help me quickly as I'm pulling my hair out and have a deadline getting too close.

Been trailing the net and this board but can't work out how to do a simple variance. How do I work out the difference between two numbers - including negatives. If the numbers are all positive, it's fine as it's simply a case of A - B = C which is your difference. However, that doesn't work if B is negative. I need a formula that would give the following: First Number / Second Number / Difference 1 / 5 / 4 1 / -5 / -6 -1 / 5 / 6 -1 / -5 / -4 -5 / -1 / 4 Hopefully there's a simple function I've been missing.