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Enter Username and Password Summary To fix screen resolution on macOS High Sierra on VMware what you need to install VMware Tools. To install VMware tools, just download VMware tools and browse it to your macOS High Sierra virtual machine. VMware tools appear on your desktop and click on Install VMware tools. Click Continue for a couple of times and restart your machine.

That’s all how you can install VMware tools on macOS High Sierra to fix screen resolution and graphics issues. If you have any other question feel to hit a comment down below this post. Can confirm that VMware Player 14 works – but a few changes have to be made: 1.

The link to the patch tool in this article (as well as in the “install High Sierra” article) is outdated, unlocker 208 does not work with player 14. You will need unlocker 2.1, f.e. From here: 2. You can install VMware Tools, but it has no effect.

The very last step after reboot is: Open the terminal in macOS and paste: sudo defaults delete /Library/Preferences/ DisplayResolutionEnabled After reboot the display switched from 1024×768 to my native 2560×1440. Can’t move to fullscreen even after installing tools and executing above commands. But all daemons i thinks works. Ps -ax grep.vm.

0:00.62 /Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/vmware-tools-daemon –name vmsvc –common-path /Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/Plugins/Common –plugin-path /Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/Plugins/System 352?? 0:00.39 /Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/vmware-tools-daemon –name vmusr –common-path /Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/Plugins/Common –plugin-path /Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/Plugins/User 410 ttys000 0:00.01 grep.vm. First, thanks to Wikigain for this page! I have a different problem than others have reported. I’m running macOS 10.13.1 and I can get VMware tools installed, but I can’t change resolutions in Display Preferences. I can go full screen, things like clipboard sharing and Shared Folders work, but when I go to Display Perferences, under Resolution “Default for display is selected” and if I select Scaled, 1024×768 is the only resolution available. I tried the Terminal command, sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DisplayResolutionEnabled -bool false but it didn’t make a difference.


I’m running VMWare Workstation 14, maybe that’s part of the problem? I’ve tried different settings such as enabling 3D acceleration and giving it more Graphics Memory but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Word for mac recolor photo When I bring up About this Mac, under Graphics it says “Display 128MB”.

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Select the relevant installation package to download from the tabs below. You may be prompted to log in to complete the download. If you do not have a profile, you may be asked to create one before being able to complete the download process. Get Your License Key Your license keys are available on the page or available on your licensing confirmation email or product registration card located inside your box. Technical Support Take advantage of your Support and Subscription contract by accessing the page. Your VMware Fusion 11 license entitles you to 18 months of complimentary email support from the date of.