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Help Me, LAPTOP: Which MacBook Should I Get For Video Editing? Therefore, if you can handle the extra weight and cost, the 15-inch MacBook Pro is the ideal choice for video editing right now. Question: Q: What is the best MacBook for video editing? There was one time where we had to edit a presentation video and it took my 13 inch MacBook Pro over 30 mins to get it done. Next day, brought my 15 inch Macbook Pro - just for comparison, I decided to edit the same video. It took less than 15 minutes to complete it.

• Images should ONLY be posted if they’re genuinely interesting, relevant, or educational. Memes, and other “mildly interesting” images should not be posted. Use the feedback thread.

If you feel your post or comment was wrongly removed, please contact the mods, we’ll do our best to sort it out. If you disagree with the rules, you’re always free to explain your thoughts and proposed alternative. I'm looking for a Macbook Pro that will be able to easily handle running Logic Pro X, the latest full version of Ableton, and movie editing software like Sony Vegas. I plan to use this laptop pretty exclusively for making music and music videos, although I may/likely will venture online for posting videos to YouTube, albums to BandCamp/Spotify/etc.and potentially handling my social media music pages in general, and perhaps anything I would need to do for collaborating with other artists (emailing, etc.). Anything other than that though, I plan to take care of on my current laptop for as long as it lasts. So essentially I know for portability I need a Macbook Pro, but the current ones are SO EXPENSIVE (up to $2800!!) My question is, do I need to spend that much? Or would I be better off springing for a 2016 MacBook Pro?

Or even a 2015 model? I'm planning to pair the laptop with the latest Apollo Twin Thunderbolt interface and make professional-quality songs/videos/albums by myself.but i have never owned a MacBook before and I'm not totally sure if the 2017 MBP is complete overkill for my needs, or if it's the only one that will be able to handle it. I'm not planning on doing anything really complicated in terms of editing video. Think Jacob Collier's music videos that he does, things of that nature. I have been heavily advised by friends against getting a MacBook Air. In terms of laptops a MacBook Pro seems like it's really the only option for me as I want to use Logic and the Apollo Twin Thunderbolt interface. I had the Apollo Twin USB and used it with my current laptop but for the life of me I could not fix this bizarre would stop recording after a random amount of time, seemingly for no reason.

After further investigation it seems the issue comes down to the fact that Windows laptops have all these different parts made by multiple companies and when it comes to recording and editing music, they just can't communicate well enough for the equipment to function properly. Whereas with Apple, all the parts are made by one company and designed specifically to work together properly.

After reading about that it made perfect sense why all creatives use Apple products. I can fit that laptop, my audio technica headphones, that audio interface, a MIDI controller (which I wouldn’t necessarily even need) a microphone and all cables needed into a backpack with room to spare. It’s not like I can set up a desktop in a coffee shop and start making a track, and it’s definitely easier to set all that stuff up quickly with a laptop at a friend’s place. You can’t fit a desktop in a backpack, no way.

If I’m running around the city to get to a friend’s apartment for a collaboration? With a desktop?? Forget about it. The laptop may not be as powerful but is definitely far more portable and can be used in many more situations. I don’t know what the “iTrashcan” is but you seem like you hate Apple products in general, which I can understand.

Cyberghost vpn free download for mac. It also seems like you yourself don’t actually make music? I may be mistaken. I am confused by your comment about “I use whatever's the best hardware, have a rendering server cluster (which unfortunately isn't super helpful for music, though it does help). “ What do you mean by that specifically?