I had the same problem. It has bothered me for several weeks on my new Mac. It should be caused by changing Mac password using 3rd party software. On macOS El Capitan and Sierra, there is no Keychain Access >Filezilla download for mac. Keychain First Aid. Changing login keychain's password does not help. To solve this problem, you have to reset your default keychain.

Say I had a US dollar account and moved 50k to a Euro account, quicken 2015 does not convert the currency to a lower Euro amount. Quicken 2015 for mac vs ibank.

This question already has an answer here: • 1 answer OK. So after the Apple hack when celebrity nudes were stolen I changed my password to something more complex than I can easily remember. (My password is now stored in the password manager app and is something like this u7GhY53bAhh2x.) When I was buying this latest iPhone the sales rep at the Apple store assured me that I will no longer need to enter my password because the phone can read my fingerprint that is very secure, blah-blah-blah. So I set this all up and then what. Now when I try to download a new app the thing pops up and wants me to enter my password.

The praised fingerprint doesn't seem to do anything. So OK I entered my password (which now basically required a trip to the password manager program and a process of copying it letter-by-letter.) This was about a couple of weeks ago. Today, I was trying to write a review for another app and guess what -- that same annoying password window came up & wanted me to enter it again.

So where is that fingerprint thing again? Can someone explain how to make it work with the fingerprint and not bug me with entering the password over and over again?