Thats correct we did document how to support gamepad controllers in our. Not sure if is working in other games, but I don't have any other games to try. For whatever reason it does not work with any other games on GeForce Now. The xbox 360/one controller setting in the mac system preferences. MAC; PC + 2 more; PS4; LIN; Distance is a survival racing game that is the spiritual successor to Nitronic Rush. Players control a unique car that can boost, jump, rotate, and even fly.

I used a wired Afterglow AX1 on Lion 10.7.3 - added a video on youtube. If you have installed any version of TattiBogle and didn't work download. Open Terminal and type: sudo sh and press enter, then insert your password - it will be invisible - and press enter. Type again: sudo sh and be sure there is a space after sh.

Drag and drop UnTattie file in Terminal and press enter. Download and install it. It probably will say that it failed the installation but it will be installed. Download this.

Download this. Go in About This Mac on the menu, click more info and then system report. Connect your controller if you haven't done that yet and check under hardware, and the USB. For me under USB High-speed bus, then Hub I had Afterglow gamepad. If you use an original controller you might see it as vendor specific device. Click on it and in the box below you will see a Product and Vendor ID. Write those down.

Open the Controller List file with a text editor and you look for Controller or look for other key tag that contains your device name, is irrelevant, but I edited under PDPAfterglow just because I have the Afterglow controller. You will see this few line below it: idProduct idVendor 11. Insert in between those tags those number you wrote down earlier instead of those that are in the file. You might want to check the second 'Thanks to' link at the bottom if this is getting confusing. Once you have done save the changes and drag and drop the file over the automator controller list installer. Go in system preferences and go mess with your XBOX Controller while you'll joy with glee! You might want to check the links at the bottom to understand better some of the steps, however the guys do two things that I combined and made my controller working after 4 tedious hours and numerous dead-end research on the internet.

The second video also has some steps for the Wireless controller. Let me know your result!! Click to expand.Same here. I am beginning to think it will not work because we are using the Microsoft xbox controller.

All the success stories I've seen online (and I have looked everywhere/tried everything) were with third party controllers. I wish I was wrong, but I just like you have had no success.

I am running 10.7.4, but I don't see that making such a big difference. I understand using terminal and editing.plist files. This is something I could do easily if it worked. I have tried all the instructions over again several times with no luck. I even got my hands on a more updated controller list file. Free steam money for mac. ( labelled 15 rather than 13) Greatly appreciate anyone who can help.