Nov 16, 2018 - The iPad goes great with role-playing games. Reference Antivirus & Security Email & Messaging Windows Only Mac Only Android Only. And it's not hard to tell what caught Apple's eye with Infinity Blade. The tactical-based combat can be quite challenging and the bleak world really draws you.

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Anyone know of a very good turn-based RPG for iPhone 3G in iTunes store, with good graphics similar to Chronicles of Inotia, good music, and multiple language settings? The only one I know of right now is Vay, and I was going to get that until I read reviews about a major flaw: items have no visible stats so it's impossible to compare new equipment with old.

I'm going to hold off getting this until the developers fix this bug. I already have Chronicles of Inotia downloaded, though I haven't started playing yet. The store doesn't have too many RPGs out right now, I can only think of like 3-4 right now. I'm a fan of many C- and J-RPGs and I love turn-based combat. Oh by the way my phone isn't jailbroken or installerApp-ed (though I'm thinking about doing it, just comparing different ways to see which one is the safest and restorable to the original warranty-covered condition), so only iTunes store apps please.

Best pc turn based rpgs

Turn based I am not sure my opinion will be useful as i dont like inotia-like rpg (all the same boring games, zenonia etc), however i would advise either - battle of wesnoth (but this is slow, with limited rpg -u dont built / custom your avatar but highly strategic) - and a new good one called Arenas, Trial of Valor. This is turn based fantasy battles, a bit like battlehearts but this is online and lot more advanced in term of feature/rules. 2D graphism are ok, spells magic really cool, and lot lot of monsters/spells.