Mar 31, 2017 - Hi, I have AutoCAD 2016 and I'm having trouble with fonts reading correctly. Font not showing correctly. Is it showing up as a different font?

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It use to be pretty tough to get special characters into your text in AutoCAD. You had to use%% or other tricks to get it done. Some may still use these “inline” tricks or you could use the menus.

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Ever use Unicode – I have not but When entering text, you can create special characters, including the degree symbol, plus/minus tolerance symbol, and the diameter symbol, by entering the following Unicode character strings: U+00B0 = Degrees symbol (°) U+00B1 = Tolerance symbol (±) U+2205 = Diameter symbol Better yet – Use%% – this is a more standard way of enter special characters In addition to using Unicode characters for entering special characters, you can also overscore text, underscore text, or insert a special character by including control information in the text string. Use a pair of percent signs to introduce each control sequence. You can use this control code with standard AutoCAD text fonts and Adobe PostScript fonts:%%nnn – Draws character number nnn. NOTE: You can use these control codes with standard AutoCAD text fonts only:%%o – Toggles overscoring on and off.%%u – Toggles underscoring on and off.%%d – Draws degrees symbol (°).%%p – Draws plus/minus tolerance symbol (±).%%c – Draws circle diameter dimensioning symbol.

What if I want the% sign???%%% – Draws a single percent sign (%). This is valid for the TEXT command only. Overscoring and underscoring can be in effect at the same time.

Both turn off automatically at the end of the text string. You can use the%%nnn control sequence to display special characters using the PostScript fonts. You can also get most of these off the MTEXT menu now. Click on Other to get even more. Katie Yes we have seen this too.

Our pdf’s will show up with dots by the text that uses these when created through ACAD. I have narrowed it down to the text width. If you make a pdf with say a tahoma font and text width of 1.0, using the dwg to pdf.pc3 will result in dots in the area of the text that is using the symbol.

Change the text width to.999 or smaller and it will show up. So far with testing I have had it work. I have only tested Tahoma font with this though. With the dots, the preview will show up like it will print. But going back and opening your PDF will result in dots.

Recently I have noticed an issue with AutoCAD 2013 Education Version. The problem is with special characters used in notes used with leaders. I can create the special characters with the Character Map but I can not copy. The Character Map dialog box is supposed to disappear from the screen with you select the copy box. I have tried to copy and paste them to the Symbols “add a symbol” but it doesn’t show up. These are the special characters I wish to use:%%v for counterbore or spot face%%x for depth of cut Could this version of AutoCAD have some issues that can be addressed with a service pack?