There’s a lot of Mac software available, and here at Macworld, we take pride in finding the best applications. If you just got a new Mac, or you’re looking for an alternative to software you’re not satisfied with, or you want to change from what’s you’re currently using, take a look at this selection of the top-rated apps we reviewed in 2016. You’ll find disk utilities, font tools, filters for Photos, video editors, and a lot more. All the apps here (listed in alphabetical order) received a 4.5- or 5-mice rating, so you know they’re good. We reviewed many other good apps that aren’t listed here; you can find them in our section. ($80) sticks squarely with its basic web design-as-Lego-kit approach.

The Best Free Software for Students. Audacity is an open-source multi-track audio editor that can be used to record podcasts, record live audio, edit audio files and combine files into one big. If you have been in search of a Free desktop calendar software for Mac, MagiCal would anyday be a good option for you. The menu-based clock & calendar program comes with a wide scale of easy configuration options to decide on how date and time would be displayed. How to change color of a layer in photoshop elements for mac free.

Choose from an abundant menu of pre-built chunks of code (“blocs”) that snap together to quickly build your site’s basic structure. Then customize the paragraphs, images, buttons, and other premade elements of those chunks (“brics”) by typing directly into your design, or adjusting their parameters in the program’s sidebar. To add images or picture or video backgrounds, just drag the files straight from your desktop, or from Blocs’ clean and well-organized Project Assets window.

—Nathan Alderman. ($59 annual subscription; Standard single-user version available for one-time $99 fee) is the easiest way to share fonts among multiple Macs or a workgroup. Current FontAgent users will appreciate version 7’s greater accuracy in identifying fonts used in documents, Smart Sets that automatically update, and the elimination of Libraries. New users can feel confident that their fonts will import without duplicates, and in the location required by Apple in OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra.— Jay J. Smart Lighting feature now has a spot-weighted option that’s more powerful and more versatile than using spot metering in your camera. For example, take a shot of an informal portrait of someone standing in front of a window at midday, using your camera’s matrix metering system for the best overall exposure.

OpticsPro will find the face, recognize the strong backlight, and then automatically try to brighten the face and balance the backlight. ($179 for the Elite version; $129 for the Essential version.). —William Porter. The marquee feature of ($100 one-year Pro Edition or Business Edition subscription; $80 Standard Edition one-time purchase; $40 Student Edition one-time purchase) is a bundled standalone application called Parallels Toolbox (sold separately for $10). Toolbox consolidates 20 common, everyday tasks into a single menu bar window, making them easier to find and use. These tools offer one-click simplicity for downloading or converting video, recording audio, muting the microphone, or performing system tasks such as locking the screen, hiding the desktop, preventing your Mac from going to sleep, and Do Not Disturb, which temporarily pauses notifications and Dock activity.— J.R.