To change the default voice in Windows 10, go to Settings > Ease of Access > Narrator > Personalize Narrator’s voice, choose a new voice from the drop-down box. If you need more Windows Narrator voices, you’ll have to choose from.

Today, I am going to share some PDF voice reader for Windows platform that will make your life that much easier. They will translate the text into voice and read it out to you, so you can multi-task and work on something else. A real time saver. Best PDF Voice Reader for Windows 1. Adobe Acrobat Reader Most people are using Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF documents on their Windows-powered machines. Chances are that you already have Adobe Reader installed on your PC but if not then you can download the latest version using the link below.

Nov 1, 2018 - Clearview is an easy-to-use tabbed style e-book reader for Mac, equipped with library shelf, supports popular e-book formats as DRM free PDF,.

Uncheck unnecessary addons accordingly. I don’t like McAfee much. The feature is activated but how do you use it? Click on a paragraph and it will be read out to you. When Adobe is reading to you, ideally, you should see a progress bar somewhere in the middle but it didn’t pop up for me. Numbers for mac os 10.11.6. While it gets the job done, the trouble is, I have to click on paragraphs once the machine is done reading it to me. To counter this problem, what you can do is go back to Settings.

This time, you will see new options. You can have Adobe read the current page or the entire document. Memorize the shortcuts so you don’t have to mess around with options anymore. Download (Free) 2. Natural Reader Natural Reader takes things to the next level.

Not only can it convert text to audio, it can also do a lot of things like create audio files from PDF files. This means you can transfer these audio files on your mobile and play it while you go for your morning jog. You can control the speed and speaker settings. It works not only with PDF files but also Word, TXT, ePub and other formats. There is an online version that you can use to have it read entire web pages.

This is really good for reading blogs and news stories. There are apps available for both Android and iOS platform. There are two different voices to choose from. Makes the experience more human in my opinion. Also Read: For the purpose of this guide, I will be downloading the free version which is good enough. Additional features are available for a one time fee of $99.50.

Natural Reader also offers a Commercial version of the product for a one-time payment of $129.50, and an Ultimate version for $199.50. This adds so you can convert printed text into digital text and then have it read to you. It will also allow you to do batch conversions. There are as many as 6 voices to choose from. There is an advanced pronunciation editor using which you can change the way a word sounds.