Right after updating today to 15.21.1 I cannot work with Outlook for Mac any more. Program starts, but cannot connect to my Account, however i did not change anything! Now, when i launch the program I see all old emails and folders, but also I see the sign, saying, that there is no connection to my account. In few seconds I've got the screen with proposal to enter password for my Office 365 account. Since I do it, the screen disappears, but after 10-20 second comes up again. Through the web-interface Outlook still works well with my login/password.

Outlook for mac 15.18 This is only the problem, when I try to connect through my Outlook!! Seems, that there is a problem in new Outlook version or 'security updates', which we released together with it.

Office 365: What it means to Mac users. Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. Updated on 1/29/13 at 7pm PT to clarify what the downloaded version of Office for Mac 2011 offers. Taking Outlook.com into production is part of the “Wave 15” project which again matches the version number of the Office releases. As of mid-2017, all Outlook.com mailboxes are hosted by the Office 365 platform and is very similar in look and feel to the corporate Outlook on the Web experience as part of Exchange Online.

I tried to add another Exchange account, but i've got the error, saying, that Outlook cannot verify login/password. Pls, fix it somehow or tell how to roll-back to the previous version!!!!! I;ve downloaded Outlook 15.19.1 and launched installation, which worked OK. But in fact, when I launch Outlook, I see, that I still use new 15.21.1 version, which does not work, and the old version is not installed. Hi everyone, We are aware of this issue impacting our customers and are currently investigating password prompt for Outlook for Mac. If you're still affected by this issue, we'd like your help investigating, so we can understand the root cause better, and get started on the appropriate fix. The questions are below: • Are these always the modern auth prompt (O365 sign-in page that can be customized for your organization) or are they the native Outlook prompts (blue Outlook logo) or some combination of both?

In the Save As dialog, choose a destination for saving the icalendar file. Outlook See screenshot: 4.

• For multiple prompts, are they while Outlook is running normally (in the middle of a session), once each time on restart of the app, or several times on each restart of the app? (you mention 'log into Outlook' so just want to clarify) • Is the email address you've used to sign into WXP with the same as your O365 mail account in Outlook, and do you have the same address in the account's email address and user name fields in the accounts pref?

You can also follow this on this issue where we are investigating the possible scenarios. Thank you for your help, Noyonima.

Does Outlook For Mac Version 15 Work With Office 365

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