Luckily, Salesforce has the ISVForce Program on the AppExchange to fill gaps in its offerings. On the AppExchange, Match My Email offers automatic syncing and logging of emails from any Apple device or Apple mailbox to Salesforce. Mac users can use the Standard Version of Match My Email side-by-side with their colleagues using Lightning for Outlook or on Windows PC’s. Match My Email handles emails exactly the same way as these plug-ins and puts emails into Activity History on Classic and Past Activity on Lightning. Match My Email Standard works with Lightning out of the box. Match My Email’s MultiMatch version pushes automated email integration to the limit. MultiMatch was designed to make ‘full automation’ a reality for users of Mac and PC.

MultiMatch syncs emails to multiple Contacts at once, while Lightning for Outlook can only match one email to one Contact at a time. MultiMatch creates a 100% accurate and complete log of all email correspondence in Salesforce – organized automatically by customer and Opportunity. This email data can be used to track activity. Sales managers can track the number of emails sent and received by user.

What is the best app to integrate Salesforce and Outlook? Update Cancel. David Brown, Salesforce professional with 10+ years of experience. Answered Jun 9, 2017. SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce supports Desktop, Cloud and Mobile integration. SSC is fully customizable. This tool is available for both Android and iOS users.

Citrix. In your case it is RapidSSL CA and need to also install those onto the Citrix Server.

Users can see Leads or Contacts that are active or inactive in dynamic List Views. The app includes numerous other features that improve the email experience in Salesforce like Reply and Forward.