Setting up a Qt project in Visual Studio.NET Setting up a Qt project in Visual Studio. NET 1) CREATE A NEW PROJECT: From the menu in Visual Studio, select New Project -> Visual C++ Projects -> Win32 Project -> specify project name -> Click OK Then, Click Application Settings (on the left) -> Console Application -> Finish 2) MAKE SOME MINOR CODE CHANGES: Rename _tmain to main and _TCHAR to char in your main.cpp class. This step is for cross-platform compatibility. Optionally, you may get rid of stdafx.

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That’s great! We’ve been looking forward to QML debugging in Visual Studio for a while. However I didn’t manage to get it working. We have a CMake Qt project with generated.sln file, Qt 5.9.6, Visual Studio 2017, MSVC 2015 x64 compiler, Qt Visual Studio Tools 2.3.0. I added the following defines to my CMakeList.txt QT_QML_DEBUG and/or QT_DECLARATIVE_DEBUG and built the solution. When starting debugging the app hangs on an attempt to connect to the QML port.

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Note: Qt Project Setting are not available for any project in the solution. Does it work with CMake projects or am I doing something wrong?

Mar 8, 2017 - The C++ compiler used by Qt on macOS is the Clang compiler, provided as part of the Xcode development tool. You will need to install Xcode.