Thanks to its simple interface, which comes translated into Castilian, you can tweak some of the options to improve performance. Download ps3 media server for mac. Instead, you can simply stream them with amazing quality. Then you can just relax and enjoy your music and videos in perfect quality. So forget about flash drives for transferring the data, and use this application to connect both devices via the Internet.

ChrisPC YTD Downloader MP3 rocket Converter is among the best YouTube to Mp3 Rocket converters available on the internet that provides you the best quality audio from the YouTube.

YouTube to MP3 conversion is perhaps one of the most sought-after techniques in what is the era of the internet and YouTube is the largest online video service hands down and one of the easiest sources to finding a favorite song only justifies this notion. This post clearly explains Converting YouTube videos to the Mp3 music of very good quality (320kbps) in many easy steps. If you want to download converters to your PC, just follow my previous post on. Before trying YouTube to Mp3 conversion, find the Mp3 music here in our In this article, I will run through some of the best options to download YouTube videos as MP3 files in HD quality and 320kbps bitrates. Reviews and feature lists of all the top products have been explored in depth to give you only the best. As a special bonus, I have added instructions for installing extensions in chrome, scripts for Linux and python users and software for Mac users. I’ve also written a post on, just give it a try 😉 1. YouTube to MP3 Conversion websites Converting your favorite song into an MP3 format file just became easier with the introduction of online converter tools which offer a bunch of advantages, the most precious being the ability to convert without having to download the whole video files since most of the heavy lifting is done by the servers working in the background.


This allows the user to download just the MP3 file even in HD quality (320 kbps) in small sizes. You can also change the music format just by following my previous post –. Of them, the most intuitive of all is the option to select audio bitrate. This gives you a chance to fine-tune your music quality by considering the storage constraints of your device. As a bonus, you also get the option to trim your MP3 file by adjusting the start and stop points. The icing you askha-ha.

It is all free! Extra features include the option to select other formats Audio formats – mp3.aac.ogg.m4a.wma.flac.wav and Video And user-friendly interface. Related: • Using VidtoMP3 If you are looking for a deadly serious, no-nonsense service to convert your YouTube song to MP3, look no further than It’s just a serious as its name suggests and just as robust and reliable.

The instructions are clear and the user interface is straightforward giving you fewer chances of getting lost. Living with its tagline of “videos are meant to be heard”, this tool is the perfect blend of usability and quality. As you may expect from such a straightforward tool, this one does not allow conversion of copyrighted content.

Downloading is fast and it’s free too. • Using Next in the line of popular online MP3 converters is the whose main attraction is the ability to search for YouTube videos straight from the website itself giving you that extra bit of flexibility and dexterity. Note: This website is in German, you have to translate this page by clicking translate button in the pop-up. If you look closely, there is a settings button that hides a very useful option called “show the desktop notification when finished”. This comes in handy when you are multitasking. It also allows you to set the video thumbnail as the song cover so that your music never has to look dull. Other than that the interface is fairly straightforward and the service is free!

Using Browser extensions You can Install any of the below given Browser extension for conversion, I’ve given extensions for both Google Chrome and Firefox. • Chrome YouTube to Mp3 conversion extension YouTube Centre is one of the best extensions of the precious few available for chrome. It has to be downloaded manually from their website and installed in chrome. Instructions: • Open the options panel in chrome and navigate into “more tools” to “extensions”. • Enable the Developer mode check box on the top right corner. • Click on “load unpacked extensions”, then browse and select Pros: • Tons of features • Works with the latest versions of Google Chrome • Easily download Mp3 from YouTube Cons: • Very complicated method to install the extension • Not suitable for every user • No option to change track information • Firefox YouTube to Mp3 conversion extension Installing and using extensions, unlike in chrome, is a very simple process in Firefox. Users just need to type their keyword, preferably YouTube to mp3 converter, in the “search for add-ons” search box and results pop out in a jiffy.