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Play Pekemon Fire Red Gameboy Advance GBA Online Emulator in Browser Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green are remakes of the classic Red and Green games.(in America,Red and Blue). They are Nintendo’s best remake,for a pokemon game. There isn’t much changed with the story,but plenty of improvements. The pokemon craze was long gone,and one one cared anymore. Satoshi made a remake of Red and Green,called Fire Red and Leaf Green. In 2004,both in Japan and the US,Fire Red and Leaf Green were released for the Nintendo GameBoy Advanced.

Some newer fan got the games to see how the original pokemon games were like. Older fans played it,and didn’t enjoy it because not much was changed. However,it still was the 3rd best selling GameBoy Advanced game.

The games were a huge disappoint for older fans because it didn’t have much from Ruby and Sapphire. Instead,Fire Red ans Leaf Green had improved by itself. Walking pokemon from Yellow wasn’t added,which really disappointed fans. No new pokemon or plot expect for faster pace and newer legendary pokemon.

Besides that,the games are still great. For one thing,I love that this game has Running Shoes. Running Shoes are Shoes that let you run faster. A choice of being a Girl was added. Her name is Leaf. Of course Color was added.

Shiny pokemon were added too. Remember the shiny Garadoes from Gold and Silver?(Aka,red Garasoes).

Yes,that was a shiny. Shines were added. A new PokeDex was made,too. It says the habitat of a pokemon. Like River,Mountain,Forest,etc. Deyox,a Honnen Pokemon,was added. So was the three legendary Dog pokemon.

New islands were made to find more rare pokemon. Ruby and Sapphire pokemon can be traded into Fire Red and Leaf Green,however,you have to beat the Elite Four to do that!!!!:(. Glitches like the Mew glitch and Glitch city is not able to do. This way,the game isn’t a broken. Now thing that was really cool was Wireless communications.

This is the first in any pokemon game. For one thing,these games can be great for trading. Once you beat the Elite Four,trading from Ruby and Sapphire is able to do. Trade a pokemon from Fire Red and Leaf Green into Ruby and Sapphire.

Then,trade those pokemon into Diamond and Pearl migrating. Next,trade them back to Ruby and Sapphire. Then,trade them into Black and White.

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Next,trade them into White 2 and Black 2. Use the PokeBank,and trade it into X and Y. Use the PokeBank one more time,and trade them into Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This seems confusing,but,it’s not to bad.

Anyways,this is good for the PokeDex. If you are new to pokemon,Fire Red and Leaf Green are much faster then Red and Green,so try it out. These games are overall good remakes,so give them a try. The original ones have a slower pace(not that that’s bad). So,the remakes are more recommended. For one thing,these games aged amazingly. They are still great,even if their 11 year old remakes.

But one thing. Why is called Fire Red and LEAF GREEN?

Well,Red and Green were the very first pokemon games. Even before Red and Blue.


Red and Green were only in Japan,so that’s why it’s Fire Red and Leaf Green. Even in America. Fire Red and Leaf Green is a must buy for any pokemon game. One of the best RPGS ever made!!!! PlayEmulator.Online is your best online retro gaming place to play all your favorite consoles on your web browser.