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Even though Mac computer and Android mobile devices are tough to work together, there are a couple of good solutions to pair and transfer files between Android and Mac over Wi-Fi. Most of the time you may need to transfer photos and videos from Android to Mac or may need to copy your favorite music from your Mac to Android phone. When you want to Android file transfer for Mac, the fast and reliable solution is to use a USB cable to connect to Android device and Mac. By default, Mac finder will consider your Android device as an external disk, and you can explore folders through the finder.

List of star wars games for mac. Still, the pairing between your Mac and Android depends on the operating system on both devices and the compatibility between Operating system. Here we are going to discuss how to transfer files between Mac and Android over WiFi without any cables. Dropbox Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. Dropbox is one of the best cloud services that have built-in apps almost on all platforms including MAC and Android.

You can get a free Dropbox account with. Use your Dropbox app with the same user account or shared folder (in case of different account) both in MAC and Android devices. After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically sync to all other computers with same Dropbox account. This solution is so simple and easy if you are planning to transfer a lot of photos and videos between Android and MAC.

Android can instantly upload the photos and videos from Android Camera to Dropbox folder, and you can access the same files on your MAC immediately. Meanwhile, if you have a Windows computer and seeking a solution to transfer file with Android, please read. Transfer All File Formats, Folders, etc. Transfer over WiFi 2GB Free Account Download for Google Drive Google Drive do pretty much same as Dropbox, but the most integrated app for Android platform. In addition to this, Google Drive start to give auto upload the. Also compare to Dropbox, Google drive offer 15GB free memory with Google Account. For Android users, Google Drive would be the ideal solution to transfer files between other platforms. Switching quickbooks for windows to mac.


Google Drive integrates with Android OS, pretty much as a part of it, so easy to find the files, navigate and move to Google Drive folder to share between Mac. Transfer All File Formats, Folders, etc. Transfer over WiFi 15GB Free Account Download for AirDroid AirDroid allows you to access and manage your Android phone or tablet from Windows, Mac or the web, wirelessly, for free. This app can transfer photos between Android and MAC, play and manage music & videos on Android and transfer them between Android and your computer.

With the AidDroid app, you can view the real-time screen of Android devices, share clipboard content between Android and computer, etc. In addition to these, Airdroid can show you Calls, SMS, and the app notifications you allowed on your computer screen and also control your Android from the computer and use any apps on the PC, like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line. Transfer Photos, Videos Transfer over WiFi Download for Related: Software Data Cable Software Data Cable App allows you to connect and share everything from phones, Pad, PC, Mac, Laptop, Google TV, Cloud storage, Xbox, etc. This app helps you to eliminate the need for USB data cable for file transfer. The computer doesn’t need to have any additional drivers to work with this app for file transfer. You can send photos, music, videos, Apps, etc.

To other phones, tablets or TV anytime, anywhere. This app helps to Auto-sync photos and other important files to computer or cloud storage (on a daily, weekly basis to backup data) and practically extending mobile storage space without any cost. Software Data Cable app can transfer data up to 54Mb/s with your Wi-Fi network, and it will not affect your data plan. You can use this app to send files (Video, MP3, Apps, etc.) and folders to other phones, iPads wirelessly. You can sync folders to cloud storage (such as Microsoft SkyDrive, Baidu, etc.) and auto-sync tasks can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis using Software Data Cable App.