On the Word menu, click Preferences. Under Personal Settings, click File Locations. Under File locations, click AutoRecover files, and then click Modify. Find the location where you want to automatically save files, and then click Choose.

When opening an attachment directly from within Outlook you could get an error message saying that it can’t create the file and to that you need check the permissions on the folder you want to save it in. In most cases the permissions on the folder isn’t the issue but the fact that the folder is “full”. When you open an attachment directly from within Outlook it will first save a copy to a subfolder of the Temporary Internet Files folder. Cleaning out the folder will solve the issue. Outlook Secure Temp folder Unfortunately this is easier said than done. The subfolder name Outlook creates (on installation of Outlook) in the Temporary Internet Files folder is quite random.

I tried searching the Mac App Store for “Tetris”, expecting to find dozens of crummy knock-offs, but instead was surprised to find “Your search had no results”. Back in the 90s, there were several really good Tetris games for the Mac. (You can still play it on High Sierra, but it’s not retina, and worse, you can only download unsigned versions from sketchy download sites.) So as far as I can tell, not only is there no official Tetris for Mac, there are no Tetris-like games either. Games like tetris for mac. (There is an official iOS version from Electronic Arts, but come on, Tetris needs real buttons.) I tried looking outside the Mac App Store, and as far as I can tell, there’s no official Tetris for Mac, nor are there any clones. Quinn was a decent clone I remember playing a decade ago, but as from 2006 says, the developer got a cease and desist from The Tetris Company and abandoned the game.

In Outlook 2003 and previous, the name starts with OLK and is followed by up to 4 random numbers or letters. In Outlook 2007 and later, this folder is called Content. Outlook and then has a subfolder which is named with with 8 random numbers and letters.

In addition, by default, you cannot simply browse to the folder to clean it out. Getting to the Temporary Outlook Folder can still be accomplished in 2 easy steps though.

Cmake install for mac mac. The method you describe installs Homebrew, and then uses Homebrew to install cmake. You should make that clear, since installing Homebrew can wreck havoc on other Mac. To install a.sh file, run it with /bin/sh and follow the directions. The OS-machine.tar.gz files are gziped tar files of the install tree. The OS-machine.tar.Z files are compressed tar files of the install tree. Typically this means selecting CMake as the Source directory and then selecting a binary directory for the resulting executables. Linux, Mac OS, UNIX. There are pre-compiled binaries available on the Download page for some UNIX platforms. One may alternatively download and build CMake from source. The Download page provides source releases.