All of the popular video game emulators of classic gaming systems for Windows. Mac OS X (PowerPC and Intel) Windows NT/2000/XP BeOS R4 (PowerPC and Intel) AmigaOS 3.x Some features of Basilisk II. Emulates either a Mac Classic (which runs MacOS 0.x thru 7.5) or a Mac II series machine (which runs MacOS 7.x, 8.0 and 8.1), depending on the ROM being used Color video display CD quality sound output.

This is a perfect example of Microsoft stifiling the competition. Now, if Microsoft hadn’t bought VirtualPC back in march, you know that VirtualPC would have been working their buns off to make a 6.5 update to allow it to work on the PowerMac G5, especially considering it would actually RUN smooth enough to use when using the new hardware. Microsoft is now in a position to sit on the project, and customers that depend on this software for proprietary in house applications made only for windows can’t upgrade to a G5. So Microsoft essentially is costing many many orders for Apple’s newest hit of a machine.

While you can bitch about Microsoft all you want, I wonder how much effect this will have for most users. I mean, I have used Macs as a daily platform on and off for almost 10 years, and when I use them, there are all the same, or equally good replecments of, the programs I use on Windows. Anyways, you should be supporting programmers and companies that support your platform, IMHO!

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I know that there are some people out ther who are absolutly stuck, but for the vast majority of users, I have to seriously wonder how much this is really going to matter. As for the P4 emulation issue that Darius asked about, it is almost a non-issue. It is almost trivial (as far as emulation work goes) to emulate an x86 chip on a PPC chip, due to the ubundance of registers of the PPC. This is also why you will never see a PPC emulator on x86. The x86 doesn’t have enough registers to properly emulate a PPC ISA without a LOAD of kludgy work arounds. The real issue is how much of VPC is written in G3-4 optimized assembly language. I am willing to wager that it is quite a lot (every emulation routine to be sure, plus probably quite a few other more general routines).

Classic Mac Emulator For Windows

I think that is the fact that they will have to port all this asm that is holding them back. That, and the fact that they probably have one guy with a BSc working on it. It uses G3/4 (Motorola) specific features: “Virtual PC relies on a feature of the G3/G4 processors called ‘pseudo little-endian mode’ for increased performance when emulating a Pentium processor. Because the new G5 processor does not support this feature, large portions of the VPC for Mac program must be rewritten and carefully tested to work properly on the G5 CPU.” There is no ‘Global Conspiracy’ folks. Though MS my not be working very hard on it, a computer emulator is a lot more difficult and CPU dependant than something like Adobe Photoshop that another poster mentioned. Comparing the two is like comparing a watermellon with an ’59 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, they are really that different.