Trainer Software. ONE CLICK INSTALL: Web installer, gets latest VRide software and free Paterberg Demo video, (about 1Gb) and creates your store account. Opens VRIDE, you just have to login and ride. Works on MAC under dual boot/BOOTCAMP. Parallels/VM might work but less likely. Export your rides and workouts to TCX.

'Maybe the best $12.00 per month you can spend on getting quicker!' Positives: Greatest trainer-workout program available; compatible with most operating systems and devices (Bluetooth, Ant+, iOS, Android, PC); comes with training plans. Negatives: Training plans are trainer-centric. There is no simple export feature to conduct workouts on another head unit or Garmin. Purchase if: You desire a customized plan or a whole training plan full of indoor workouts on an impactful, contemporary medium.

Riding a trainer without direction can be somewhat tiresome. Precise, focused workouts provide more impactful training than most outside rides. For a monthly fee of $12.00, TrainerRoad provides an abundance of power-based engaging workouts that can be done on all types of trainers, power-meter optional! I started experimenting with TrainerRoad in late 2017 and got addicted, so much so that I decided to purchase it and use it at my discretion, which included in the summertime, much to my surprise.

TrainerRoad provides over a thousand workouts. You can browse by time length, intensity, or area of focus (sweet spot, aerobic, etc.). You can buy a customized package, or you can follow one of the plans that come with a trainer, which gives you specific workouts every day. TrainerRoad works on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. When using it, you’ll require a tablet, smartphone, or computer, along with your bike, an ANT+ or Bluetooth device, and a trainer.

For a wireless link, you can use something basic like a Bluetooth speed/cadence sensor. You can also use a smart electronic trainer which accommodates resistance to TrainerRoad's instructed target power automatically as you go from one workout to another. Most riders will use a power meter as their main software link. If you lack a power meter, don’t fret; TrainerRoad will do a great job of calculating your Virtual Power as per your live speed data and trainer model. Mac screen mirroring to lg tv. Most workouts can be used alongside videos.

Many have worded cues displayed on the screen. Several of them are drills, for instance, a cue that tells you to stand up for X amount of seconds. Sometimes you’ll be cued to maintain loose shoulders and keep them down. You’ll be amazed at how frequently you’ll be told to correct yourself.

Each workout revolves around your level of fitness because they are based on your functional threshold power (FTP) percentage. You can enter this number into the program from the beginning, and you’ll be off and running. You can also go through the FTP assessment to determine what your number is. Once you do, the workouts will be customized for you automatically.

It comes with an intuitive interface. A cursor goes from left to right across blue shapes, which signify target power as your workout advances. Larger blue blocks represent greater power. Your Virtual Power shows up visually in yellow numerically across the blue shape, along with heart rate and cadence. On your PC, you can position the TrainerRoad window to be horizontal or vertical. The latter lets you watch videos or use the screen for something else entirely, while the former takes up most of the screen. I generally use the horizontal setting while watching a video on my laptop or listening to a few songs.

One basic function that gets the most use from me is the percentage control. For instance, let’s say halfway through a hardcore anaerobic interval session you start having difficulty completing the instructed numbers.

With a few clicks, you can minimize the intensity right away. This is especially convenient if you have a Wahoo Kickr, which - when in ERG mode - takes away acceleration from the power algorithm. This smoothens your power lines and makes fast accelerations troublesome. You can liken this feature to shifting a gear while driving.

TrainerRoad keeps track of your workouts and monitors achievements in power for numerous timeframes. If your subscription expires, the data gets saved on your account in case you renew in the future. For Strava, TrainingPeaks, and similar software types, you will be happy to learn that TrainerRoad now syncs in a couple of directions. Once you finish a workout, TrainerRoad will auto-populate independent programs. This is an aspect most of us have come to anticipate with Garmins.

A fairly new syncing feature is the import/export of workouts from Today’s Plan and TrainingPeaks. For example, if you’ve subscribed to a training plan on one of these sites, a workout can be exported from there and finished on TrainerRoad. Training Plans Cycling training software is a very competitive field, with brands coming in all directions.