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And that’s exactly what disk encryption software help you do. Utilizing everything from randomized keyfiles to industry standard encryption algorithms, these applications provide your data the privacy it deserves. Can’t wait to know more? Here’s a listing of the 7 best encryption software for Windows. Best Encryption Software for Windows 1. VeraCrypt Based on TrueCrypt, the hugely popular (but now defunct) encryption program, VeraCrypt provides top grade encryption for your data.

It essentially works by creating password protected encrypted volumes, but can also encrypt entire disk partitions, including the system partition, and even the entire hard drive. To start off, you specify the details regarding the encrypted volume to be created, such as volume size, save location, as well as the encryption and hashing algorithms to be used. For additional security, you can specify a password, as well as a keyfile (any random file of your choice that acts as an additional authenticator). Once an encrypted volume has been created, it must be always mounted first (on any of the available mount points) through VeraCrypt, after supplying the password and keyfile (if used), in order to access the data stored on it. Any data moved/copied to an encrypted volume is automatically encrypted as well.

VeraCrypt ( as of the latest tested version 1.16) supports industry standard encryption algorithms, such as AES, Serpent, Twofish, and can even employ more than one of them in cascading mode. Platform Availability: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10; Mac OSX 10.6 and above, Linux (Desktop). Price: Free 2. DiskCryptor Looking for a robust and feature laden disk encryption program? Look no further than DiskCryptor. Having a lean and easy to understand UI, DiskCryptor makes encrypting all your important data a breeze. At the core, DiskCryptor’s working is essentially similar to the previously discussed VeraCrypt.

Supported encryption ranges from SecureDoc's full disk encryption for PC, Mac or Linux, to native OS encryption for Windows (BitLocker) and OS X (FileVault 2) to the management of hardware-based.

Disk Encryption Software For Windows, Mac Osx And Linux

However, DiskCryptor can only encrypt existing disk volumes, and not create new ones. Getting started is as simple as choosing the disk volume that you want to encrypt. After that, the application asks you to specify additional settings, such as encryption algorithms, as well as a user configured password and keyfile for added security. Once the encrypted volume has been created, it can be accessed/modified by mounting it on one of the available mount points. DiskCryptor fully supports encryption algorithms such as AES, Twofish, Serpent, and can use them in conjunction with each other too. In addition to that, DiskCryptor can encrypt optical discs, and even the system bootloader. Platform Availability: Windows 2000 and above (Desktop) Price: Free.

Gpg4win It’s not exactly the most straightforward thing to use, but once you get a hang of Gpg4win, you’re going to love the truckload of options this powerhouse encryption software offers. Essentially, Gpg4win is just a Windows based graphical front end for the implementation of the OpenPGP encryption standard, which lets you secure not just your data, but also email, and then some more.