6 Best Linux Email Clients An Email client is a software that enables a user to manage their inbox with sending, receiving and organizing messages simply from a desktop or a mobile phone. Email clients have many advantages and they have become more than just utilities for sending and receiving messages but they are now powerful components of information management utilities. Don’t Miss: In this particular case, we shall focus on desktop email clients that allow you to manage your email messages from your Linux desktop without the hustle of having to sign in and out as is the case with web email service providers. There are several native email clients for Linux desktops but we shall look at some of the best that you can use. Thunderbird Email Client Thunderbird is an open source email client developed by Mozilla, it is also cross-platform and has some great attributes offering users speed, privacy and the latest technologies for accessing email services.

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Feb 2, 2018 - best email apps for the iphone astro mail ios app. Including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange, and all IMAP accounts.

Thunderbird Email Client for Linux Thunderbird has been around for a long time though it is becoming less popular, but still remains one of the best email clients on Linux desktops. It is feature rich with features such as: • Enables users to have personalized email addresses • A one click address book • An attachment reminder • Multiple-channel chat • Tabs and search • Enables searching the web • A quick filter toolbar • Message archive • Activity manager • Large files management • Security features such as phishing protection, no tracking • Automated updates plus many more Visit Homepage: 2.

Evolution Email Client Evolution is not just an email client but an information management software that offers an integrated email client including calender and address book functionality. Evolution Email Client for Linux It offers some of the basic email management functionalities plus advanced features including the following: • Account management • Changing mail window layout • Deleting and undeleting messages • Sorting and organizing mails • Shortcut keys functionalities for reading mails • Mail encryption and certificates • Sending invitations by mail • Autocompletion of email addresses • Message forwarding • Spell checking • Working with email signatures • Working offline plus many others Visit Homepage: 3. KMail Email Client It is the email component of Kontact, KDE’s unified personal information manager. Geary Email Client for Linux It has the following features: • Supports common email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, plus many popular IMAP servers • Simple, modern and straight forward interface • Quick account setup • Mail organized by conversations • Fast keyword searching • Full-featured HTML mail composer • Desktop notifications support Visit Homepage: 5. Sylpheed- Email Client Sylpheed- is a simple, lightweight, easy-to-use, cross-platform email client that is featureful, it can run on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and other Unix-like operating systems. Sylpheed Email Client for Linux It is offers an intuitive user-interface with a keyboard-oriented use.


It works well for new and power users with the following features: • Simple, beautiful and easy-to-use interface • Lightweight operations • Pluggable • Well organized, easy-to-understand configuration • Junk mail control • Support for various protocols • Powerful searching and filtering functionalities • Flexible cooperation with external commands • Security features such as GnuPG, SSL/TLSv • High-level Japanese processing and many more Visit Homepage: 6. Claws Mail Email Client Claws mail is a user-friendly, lightweight and fast email client based on GTK+, it also includes news reader functionality. It has a graceful and sophisticated user interface, also supports keyboard-oriented operation similar to other email clients and works well for new and power users alike. Claws Mail Email Client for Linux It has abundant features including the following: • Highly pluggable • Supports multiple email accounts • Support for message filtering • Color labels • Highly extensible • An external editor • Line-wrapping • Clickable URLs • User-defined headers • Mime attachments • Managing messages in MH format offering fast access and data security • Import and export emails from and to other email clients plus many others Visit Homepage: Whether you need some basic features or advanced functionalities, the email clients above will work just well for you.