Mac and Windows are equally good and both have the best features. It’s quite difficult to set the comparison between the two. But Microsoft has made fast and important changes in Window 10. There are several apps that only work on Windows.

In Windows 10, Microsoft added various features which gain the attention of Mac users. If you’re a Mac user and wanted to install Windows then don’t think it can’t be possible. Yes, gratefully Apple makes it trouble-free and unchallenging.

It will provide a platform where both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows can run smoothly. This is possible by software by Apple names as Boot Camp which included in Mac. Quick Shortcut Maker is an application that helps to create the shortcuts of the applications or the processes.

How to install Windows 10 on a Mac. Download the latest Windows support software from Apple and Install windows 7 or later version are. Confirming the formatting of the BootCamp partition.

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With the aid of app, you need not go for the time-consuming process to open up the apps instead you can easily open the applications with the aid of the shortcuts. You can avail this application by downloading Quick Shortcut Maker APK. Read This: How to Install Windows 10 on a Mac Using Boot Camp You can do it by Windows 10 ISO download and the Mac OS Boot Camp Assistant. However, the installation takes some time but it is not really that much difficult. Windows Supported Mac Devices Prior to start anything, make sure that you have a Windows supported Mac device.

Check the model your Mac. If you have the Mac that braces Windows then further proceed. You need a hard disk for installation that has at least 32 GB of free space. Start with Boot Camp To installing the Windows on Mac you require a multi-boot useful tool that is Boot Camp Assistant which already embedded in Apple’s Mac Computer. This will assist you to achieve your goal. It split a Mac into 2 section called partitions. It installs Windows 10 on one partition and Mac will remain in the other one.

You can select which Os you want when your Mac boots up by Alt Key. Now start the process by following the steps: • • Open on your Mac which is located inside the Utility Folder in Applications. • You’ll get a page of greeting, click on continue. • Next, you’ll be on the ‘Select Tasks’ page. Here, you’ll have two options ‘Create a Windows 7 or later version install disk’ and ‘Install Windows 7 or later version’. Select both and then Continue. • Now, this indicates the installation process will start when your USB is ready.

• Then you’ll be on next screen “Create Bootable USB Drive for Windows Installation”, here you have Choose ISO file that you downloaded. Office for mac keyboard shortcuts. Select your file and click Continue. • You’ll get a notification of USB Drive will be erased. Then tap on Continue. • Boot Camp will now construct a bootable drive.

This will take some time to download and is totally depends on your internet speed. So you’ve to take a halt there. • When the device is prepared, it’ll ask for Password. Here comes the time of choosing the space for your Windows. So you can select Windows size according to your preference like 40 GB or more.

Select Install and the procedure of installing will start. Also Read: Installation of Windows 10 You’ll get a logo and headway bar of Windows 10 when Mac will boot up. Following that, a Windows Setup Screen will appear. • Choose the keyboard style, time and language, in the initial screen.

• In the next screen, provide product key to initiate Windows. It can be skipped. • Select the OS either or Windows 10 Home, depending on the type of Windows 10 Key. • Then, accept the license terms and tap Next. • Now it’s a very important step, you can’t install Windows without doing it. The screen comes in which it’ll ask Where do you want to install Windows? Click on the option of the drive which has BOOTCAMP and then selects FORMAT.

• You’ll get a pop after above step, click OK. • Now, the name of BootCamp will disappear and the partition will be formatted. Select the formatted drive and then Next.

Finally, Windows will install the OS. The process may consume a lot of time so don’t irritate and wait patiently. Windows 10 Set Up Once Windows 10 installed, it will boot up and ask for some settings. Either you can choose to customize settings or express settings. Now you have to create an account for PC by username and password. Then your Windows 10 installed successfully. But installing the drivers is still left to do.

You don’t need to do anything. Boot Camp launcher does it for you.


Select Next when you get Boot Camp installer page. After that accept the license terms and finish then the driver will install. Also Read: Conclusion Mac is the best hardware to install Windows, so don’t wait to enjoy the combination of Mac and Windows together. You can do it easily by the above steps.