Unfortunately, El Capitan os x 10.11 for Mac is like Win10 for Windows – Neither are LightScribe friendly. It’s the fact that the problem stems from the fact that HP stopped developing the software back in March 2013 – nearly 3 years now long before El Capitan was released! Help 【Read/Creat Lightscribe DISCs】The Lightscribe DVD Drive Can Write DVD/CD Discs. The Mac and Desktop with Laptop Compatible TPFeel Drive can Read/Burner DVDs/CDs and Creat Lightscribe Discs.; 【High Spped Transmission】Type-c +USB3.0 Connector cables,Support Maximum burn speeds of 8x for DVD-R/+R and 24x for CD-R, maximum read speeds of 8x for DVD-R/+R and 24x for CD-R.; 【Aluminum.

Optical discs., but lots of people still use them. Blu-ray has been a relatively slow starter in the computer world and we will in an Apple product. Has been around since 2004 when HP brought it to market. If you had a LightScribe-compatible disc burner, you could use a LightScribe-branded CD or DVD and create a label using the laser in the CD burner.

It could be plain text, or even etched photographs on the label. Download cisco anyconnect client mac. It was a great system, but when Apple updated to a new version of Mac OS X the LightScribe software tended to fail, and you were back to using an ink marker or a stick-on label.

Finally, the has a Mountain Lion-friendly update. The LightScribe are running again, and so are some of the third-party apps I've tested. The LightScribe free apps give you pretty basic disc labels, but and apps like (now on sale for US$14.99 through the Mac app store) can output some very detailed and attractive discs. If you already have a LightScribe-enabled disc burner, rejoice. If you don't have one, it's dead easy to burn permanent labels on your optical discs. LightScribe-enabled DVD burners are available from Samsung, LG, LaCie and others. Keeps a good stock of LightScribe hardware and blank discs.

Hopefully, HP will do a better job of keeping its software up to date, because optical discs are not dead, and Apple's is just around the corner. We can't be sure HP will stay committed to LightScribe forever. Updates may remain spotty on both the Mac and Windows side, but the LightScribe software is working now, so grab it if you like LightScribe and its easy labeling features.