I tried the solution suggested by mhostrow last week after installing Office for Mac 2011. It worked fine the first time, and correctly showed all Outlook contacts in my Android phone contacts. But, after a day or two, with no changes to any contacts, I keep getting a huge number of 'Synch Alert changes' to be applied back from Google via Apple iSynch. Whatever you do, don't accept this - it will totally modify your Outlook contacts and create considerable headaches.

The only solution I've found so far is to delete, then reload the entire Outlook contact list from a backup, and start over again - not an appealing, efficient, 21st century way to synch to a mobile device. Since I only change my contacts in Outlook 2011 for Mac, never in Apple Address Book or with my Android phone, I have no idea why this is happening, other than software issues. I called Verizon tech support, MSoft Office 2011 Mac tech support, and spent several hours with each on this problem last week, trying to figure out how to get synch to work, to no avail. Google employees in forums seem to indicate no current plan to support until a large number of users appear/are affected. SInce I run my small business using these tools with MAC, Office, and Android based smartphones, I cannot wait for them to fix this.

Sync Outlook for Mac 2011 and Outlook for Mac 2016 with Google, Gmail, and Google Apps accounts. Manage Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Categories on your Mac. Let CompanionLink automatically keep everything synchronized with Google and other accounts, phones, and tablets connected to Google’s services.

Last but not least, if you don't use Microsoft Exchange (think middle size to large companies), I understand the synch, calendar and other features in Outlook 2011 and Contacts tabs (Organization and Details) show error messages, and are not supported. My outlook somehow synced with my google contacts. How can I make this stop. I can't find anything that even says that I'm synced with google untill a sync alert comes up that says 'syncing with google contacts will change more than 25% of your contacts or groups on this computer.' It wont let me stop the sync it just gives me the option to sync now or sync later. This is very annoying, it happens about 6 or 7 times throughout the day.

I've even turned off sync services completely and it still gives me the sync alert message. I don't want my personal contacts on my computer and I really don't want all of my work contacts on my phone.

Please tell me how to make this stop. I'm running Mac osx 10.6.4 and I just noticed that Address Book is also synced with both my google account as well as my exchange account at work. Again I've never told it to sync so I'm not sure how this has all happened. Any thoughts?

Bill_C2010, 8:55 น. With the introduction of Outlook 2011 for Mac, many Mac users are asking the burning question around how to sync Outlook 2011 for Mac with the native Mac Address Book. This is especially relevant as many users now sync their mobile phone contacts (Blackberry, Android, iPhone) with the native Address Book contacts manager. For example, RIM’s Desktop Manager for Mac syncs with iCal and the Address Book and relies on Sync Services to sync with Outlook 2011 contacts. If you will now be managing your contacts inside Outlook, you will need a way to sync these contacts back to the native Address Book. This is also true if you are using Scrubly to clean up your Address Book contacts.

You will need to turn on Sync Services inside Outlook to sync your newly cleaned up contacts from Address Book to Outlook Contacts. Follow the steps below. Seagate backup plus for mac can i run games. Before we begin, you should note that Outlook 2011 will sync contacts from Address Book, and you can sync e-mail accounts with Mail. However, Outlook 2011 won’t sync events or tasks from iCal (in part because Microsoft’s primary design goal with Outlook was to make it work with Exchange). Outlook 2011 also does not support CalDAV.