If you have never used Apple’s voice dictation, you will need to activate it in System Preferences >Dictation.If you enable “Use Enhanced Dictation,” it allows for offline use and continuous dictation, with live feedback. Enable Speech Recognition on Mac OS X Lion. As it allows you to control practically everything with your voice. Siri is, as many would agree, the best voice-control technology smartphones have ever seen. How about Mac? Do we have Siri for Mac? Or, let’s put it this way: Do we really need Siri for Mac? To enable Speech Recognition on.

Regulating your kid’s computer use can be an exercise in frustration. Fortunately, the Mac’s built-in parental controls can help you limit screen time, limit access to certain apps or Web sites, keep your child from messing up the system, and more. We showed you how to enable parental controls for your child’s account in an. Now we want to discuss the limitations you can set up in System Preferences > Parental Controls—click each button at the top to follow along. Apps The first three options in Apps control who your child may encounter online or what they might do together.

Can I set up error? In LG Smart Share program I just set movie folder, click and wait for refresh all files and server work for all device in LAN easy. Ps3 media server mac 2017. ( Standard W10 video media share is risk. I'm looking for a simple 64-bit DLNA server for my own folder with movies.

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No camera means no selfies. No multiplayer Game Center games makes it impossible for your child to play games (or chat within a game) with either friends or strangers in Apple’s Game Center. You can also limit from whom your child can receive email in Apple Mail, so you can let Grandma in while blocking dubious email related to that contest to win a pony. The final option lets you set exactly which apps your child can use.

Web Use the controls on this pane to prevent Miniclip gaming marathons, keep Facebook off limits, or block other Web sites in Safari. You have two options: • Blacklist bad sites: Apple automatically blocks certain undesirable sites, and you can add more.

Select “Try to limit access to adult websites” and then click Customize to block more sites or to add a site that Apple is blocking. • Whitelist good sites: Apple provides a customizable list of approved sites, including Discovery Kids and Disney. Select “Allow access to only these websites” and then, if you like, go ahead and add and remove sites from the list. Stores Handy checkboxes here control what sort of media your child can buy from Apple. You can block access to the iTunes Store (music, TV shows, videos, and apps) as well as to the iBooks Store (ebooks) or nix inappropriate content.


With music and books, you can restrict items with explicit content. And with movies, TV shows, and games, you get to allow only content that’s appropriate for the age-based rating you choose. Time This is our favorite pane, because it lets the Mac be the bad cop when it comes to arguments about screen time. Come here to control when the computer may be used, or for how many hours it may be used, both on school nights and non-school nights.