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Unfortunately there is no notepad ++ for Mac OS or Any Operating Systems, except which only designed and developed for Microsoft Windows OS. Notepad++ is an excellent opensource text and source code editor for Windows OS. Windows notepad for mac. Is there a mac equivalent for notepad? MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3) Posted on May 1, 2012 5:26. Is there a notepad equivalent for mac More Less. The Best Alternatives to Notepad++ on macOS. The Best Alternatives to Notepad++ For Mac OS X. 15 Cool Notepad Tricks You Should Know.

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View Shared Calendars in Outlook 2016 for Mac This article applies to: Outlook 2016 for Mac As you create a meeting invitation you are able to see whether others are free or busy, but you aren't able to see any other information about their schedule (such as the meeting title, who is invited, or where it's taking place).