Is an Action, Strategy and Tower Defense video game by Trendy Entertainment. The game offers unique RPG elements and character customization options along with four different types of player characters. The game lets you defeat The Old Ones who have attacked your kingdom and there is no other way but to fight against them and defeat them in order to restore the order. Your basic task is to team up with your friends, fight epic battles, build towers, mount weapons, use your magical skills, strategize your moves and eventually save Etheria. With amazing 4-player Co-op game-play, lots of upgrades, DLC (Downloadable Content), an engagingly immersive game-play, wonderful graphics and a brilliantly well-written storyline, Dungeon Defenders 2 is one cool game to play and enjoy.

38 Games Like Dungeon Defenders 2 for Mac. Dungeon Defenders is a Tower Defense Action-RPG where you must save the land of Etheria from an Ancient Evil! Create a hero from one of four distinct classes to fight back wave after wave of enemies by summoning defenses and directly participating in the action-packed combat! Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is an iOS and Android game that combines tower defense with RPG action gameplay. The game allows for both singleplay and multiplayer (online and split-screen local) gameplay.

Try it out and you’ll enjoy every bit of this marvelous game.

Today, Trendy Entertainment has officially announced Just like the one-time children, now grown-up characters from the original, the game has grown, with a new competitive mode modeled after League of Legends and Dota, a much larger roster of playable characters, and an emphasis on the ability to play it cross-platform. IGN interviewed marketing director Philip Asher and gameplay producer / designer Scott Chatten to learn more about what’s next for Trendy’s addictive tower-defense franchise. More Options Equals More Fun “We believe the game was at its best when different heroes with different play styles strategized and fought together,” said Asher, “We wanted to expand that with the sequel. That means more heroes, more towers, more enemies and a greater diversity all around.” Indeed, with a planned initial roster of 24 heroes at launch, the team at Trendy aims to vastly outdo the original Dungeon Defenders' four starting heroes. “This time our heroes aren’t all the same age or same size, so there will be a lot of variation in gameplay,” said Chatten.

Every hero in Dungeon Defenders II will have their own types of towers and abilities, and new heroes are slated to be released regularly. Each hero will also have six slots available to customize their appearance.

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All equipment this time around is hero-specific, and will greatly change the way your character looks. If you end up falling in love with the stats on a particular item, you don’t have cause to worry, as the plan is to allow you to transfer stats between cosmetic items. A Changing Market So why go free-to-play, selling cosmetic items and the like when the original Dungeon Defenders sold more than 1.5 million copies (not including the 3 million downloads it did on mobile)? Asher says it’s all about building up a larger player base with the low-price point incentive. “The constant stream of new players entering the game would mean there were always enough people for low-level players to play with, and eventually more higher-level players to play with the vets.” This sounds great to me, because as a lover of the first one of the things I abhorred was playing alone, and it wasn’t always easy to find a game with people of similar level.

Lots of new towers to play with in co-op. The fear with any game going free-to-play is that it might feel like you can pay-to-win, or that you might have to dump untold amounts of cash into the game to get what you need to play.

Asher was quick to alleviate my concerns, noting that there will always be a rotating cast of heroes you can play for free, you’ll be able to earn heroes simply by playing, and that you can purchase the original game’s four heroes for about the same price as the first game. Additional purchasable items will include the previously mentioned cosmetic items (some will be earnable just by playing). League of Legends, Meet Defenders’ MOBA I found the original game’s competitive modes completely forgettable, and it’s nice to see Trendy recognize that it really had to do something different with the sequel. “Since the release of Second Wave [Editor’s Note: This was DLC for the original], we’ve been constantly playing with different multiplayer modes for Dungeon Defenders,” said Asher. The problem was the modes it introduced weren’t all that great, and didn’t, “fit really well with the Dungeon Defenders’ universe or gameplay.” The solution?