Question: Q: The Maps app on the Apple Watch doesn't work! Hi, So I have the Apple Watch Sport and it seems like the Maps app doesn't work. It's only a grid and no map.

Grids brings the best Instagram experience to your Mac, with Stories (first and only app that supports stories!), Direct Message and Large/Fullscreen photo and video viewing. As featured on TheNextWeb, AppAdvice, iDownloadBlog, DigitalTrends and many others. * View Stories (pro) * Direct message (pro) * Share photos/user profiles/tags/locations via message * Enlarged view mode allows photo viewing and video playing in large or full screen * Clean, adaptive UI. Works at full screen as well as widget-sized window.

* Pixel-perfect layout and rendering. Retina display support. Your Instagram photos never looked this gorgeous. * 4 beautiful layout styles for the pleasure of your eyes * Picture size as well as spacing and background color can be adjusted to your liking.

* Fastest Instagram browsing experience you will have! * Switch between multiple accounts seamlessly. * Like, comment, follow, search people and tags. * Show users tagged in photo * Bookmark allows you to bookmark people (without having to follow them), locations, tags and individual photos or videos (without having to like them). * Get notification when new feed is available and/or when there is new followers/likes/comments/mentions. * View latest following/news just like on your phone Note: An Instagram account is required to use this app.

Showing Any feedback and suggestion please email Special thanks to Instagrammer @daylessday for allowing us to use his Instagram photos for app demo. This app is honestly unusable, im logged into 3 accounts, but whenever i try to switch accounts it wont, its stuck on one account, and the home page button says im logged into a different page than i am actually logged into, just tried to post to one page, and it posted to the other page.

Total disaster, and waste of money, these would be simple updates but i fear that grids has been forsaken. Please make this update and I will change my review • Best Instagram desktop app available at the moment 4/5. Pros: The app design is very customizable and easy to use. You can link multiple accounts like personal account plus business account and switch between them within the app.

Premium version offers you full access to DM, stories, etc. As advertised. Pictures quality are outstanding compared to the upscaled iPad version.

(although expanding the picture to large view still pixelates the image but this is due to Instagram image compression when uploading a picture). Cons: The app is not built by Instagram. Sometimes the app glitches in certain situations such as spamming likes in your feed will crash the application (approx. 200 likes then it crashes). The DM can sometimes lag behind (i.e. A person replies to you and you can see the message in Instagram iOS app but Grids App would take few more seconds to show the message. Viewing stories in consecutive manner can be sluggish.

More work required on smoothening the transition between clips. Suggestions to the developer: The app loads approx 13 images per scroll regardless to to how many tiles you are viewing. I hope this can be improved in a way that I dont have to wait for the app to load new images in my feed everytime I scroll (even though it loads fast but if you can make it seamless scrolling experience, that would be amazing upgrade).

Usb dial up modem for mac. We ended up purchasing an external Best Data 56USBP-MAC 56K V.92 Macintosh USB Controller-based Data/Fax Modem for about $46 from Shipping was an additional $8, handling was an additional $6, and tax was an additional $4, so the total was about $64.

Overall, it is the best app offered on macOS as of this review. The Pros outweigh the Cons. I recommend the app to everyone uses Instagram on daily basis. • new version 5.2 fixed the major problem in 5.1 5/5.

I think this is the most well designed application on mac. However, the only problem I have is that it's a little buggy after day 1 and it crashes during each use randomly.